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Now for this double endorsement, they might end up becoming inferior to the other if they were not careful.

Looks like if they wanted to defeat Jing Xi and reap their glory, they had to come up with some dirty tricks.

On the first day of their trip, they toured the LK headquarters to learn about the culture, background and the origin of the company and also to meet with the LK advertising executives.

When their work here was about to begin according to schedule, a scandal related to Huo Yunshen suddenly broke out on the internet back in Zstan.

[Illegitimate Child of President of the Huo Group Huo Yunshen Exposed [Photos]]

All netizens who had read this news were in an uproar. Everyone already knew that Elvis had a daughter, but how come he had an illegitimate child now?

And from the picture, the child’s eyes and brow actually looked quite similar to Huo Yunshen’s.

The news came like a pebble to the water that stirred up a thousand waves.

Immediately after getting wind of the news, reporters in Peijing were eager to find out more about the inside story of Huo Yunshen’s illegitimate child.

After some investigation, they followed clues that appeared and found out the identity of the illegitimate child in the scandal as well as the child’s mother.

When their identities were uncovered, everyone was shocked once again. It turned out that the mother of the illegitimate child was the super famous Euro-America queen of love songs, Tang Shixue.

This is earth-shattering news! What a scoop!

Tang Shixue’s identity as the mother was already shocking enough, let alone the news of her being with Huo Yunshen.

Tang Shixue didn’t know how Mike’s and her whereabouts had been exposed. She had been disguising herself well every day and no one had recognized her as Tang Shixue so far.

However, she was suddenly caught by a large group of reporters looking for her. She was really taken by surprise.

She was accompanying her son to see a doctor alone. It was hard on her but now she had to bear the pressure from the media.

They were asking whether the child was Huo Yunshen’s. She explained to them countless times, but no one believed her.

The reporters learned that the little boy named Mike was hospitalized because of leukemia, and his condition was not looking good. However, during the boy’s stay at the hospital, only his mother had been accompanying him.

Everyone wanted to know whether Huo Yunshen knew about the illegitimate child himself?

Was Tang Shixue a third party who had interfered in Huo Yunshen’s family?

In a situation like this, the scandal about his illegitimate child not only failed to be clarified, but it ended up being fiercely escalated.

These were some of the headlines of news and articles on the internet:

# Let’s Gossip: The Women Who Elvis Loved Before In Those Bygone Years #

# Huo Yunshen Abandoned His Illegitimate Child Because The Child Is Seriously Ill? #

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