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“What is the matter?” Mo Yutian asked as he took off his blindfold.

“It’s like this…” Xu Xinrou reported everything she had found to him truthfully.

“Well done!” Mo Yutian praised her, then tossed a bank card to her. “This is your reward.”

The bank card fell to the ground. Xu Xinrou put her dignity aside and squatted down to pick up the bank card from the ground. She thanked him, “Thank you Mr. Mo, I’ll continue to work hard. If I find anything I’ll definitely report to you in a timely manner.”

“Okay, you can go now.” Mo Yutian waved Xu Xinrou away and she left the room in a deferential manner.

Mo Yutian looked at the photos of the child in his hand, his dark eyes slightly arching.

Yes, he really looked quite like Huo Yunshen.

Thinking of Huo Yunshen, Mo Yutian couldn’t help but clench his fists, his hatred for Huo Yunshen amplifying.

It turned out that he was Ni Yun, and Ni Yun was him. He was really good at hiding his identity.

The most despicable thing was, no matter what his identity was, he would always have Jing Xi.

This was something Mo Yutian could not accept the most!

Xu Xinrou was right. As long as these photos were sent out along with an advertorial, Huo Yunshen’s reputation would be greatly tainted.

He wanted to release this piece of news via various media channels after the launch of the LK perfume advertising campaign. That time Jing Xi would be far away in Fstan, and she would not be able to resolve her misunderstanding with Huo Yunshen.

As long as a misunderstanding was created to damage the couple’s relationship, he would have an opportunity.

Also, there was just one more thing he had to do.

Mo Yutian stood up and told his assistant to prepare the car.

At Peijing High-Tech Development Zone, in a household chemicals plant.

There were all kinds of advanced machinery and equipment here with first-rate production lines. To the eyes of an outsider, it only looked like a modern household chemicals production plant.

But no one knew that there was a secret laboratory hidden below the factory.

In the laboratory, liquid dripped into laboratory glassware, filling it with various unknown drugs.

There were many white-coated researchers with flu-masks and goggles working on these things.

They sorted the refined items into categories and labeled them.

There were many models, including the new invention code-named “IK-99.”

At this time, a secret door opened, and a group of people filed in. A masked black figure came in too.

As the man arrived, everyone bowed and greeted him deferentially, “Boss.”

The man waved his hand, gesturing for them to continue with their work. He walked straight into the office inside.

The light in the office was very dim. After the man was seated, someone soon came in to report the work status.

“Boss, the orders due for delivery on the 15th have been produced.”

“Mmm.” The man said in a deep voice, “Call Dr. N

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