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Chapter 742: Determined Not To Let Things Go Her Way

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Even though the people of these film crews had seen thousands of beautiful women every day that they were sick of it, their breath was still taken away by their beauty.

Director Meissen was the most excited of them all. He said “Perfect!” three times in a row and even gave them a big thumbs up.

Xu Xinrou was very proud and she thought that these people were praising her. Even Director Meissen was very satisfied with her style today.

Unfortunately, Xu Xinrou was very wrong.

Director Meissen had been looking at Jing Xi who was walking behind Xu Xinrou and he had been so delighted that he said “Perfect!” three times. As for Xu Xinrou’s black dress and style, he didn’t have anything particular to say about it.

As the two female stars stood together, everyone could see at a glance that Xu Xinrou’s beauty was the typical traditional oriental beauty.

However as for Jing Xi’s beauty, other than possessing the beauty of the oriental, she had the looks of a biracial person too.

Her facial features were more prominent and good looking than those of Ysians. It could be said that she could command both styles of the East and the West very well.

They entered the shooting process and both displayed their professionalism as they cooperated with the photographer and struck different poses one after the other.

The first set of posters was shot and they had an intermission for a break.

A crew assistant came to deliver freshly squeezed orange juice and some snacks for them.

After they were done resting, they got ready to shoot the next set. Just as Xu Xiyan was standing up, the orange juice Xu Xinrou was holding suddenly poured all over Xu Xiyan’s skirt unerringly.

“Oh, sorry, I didn’t mean it, Jing Xi,” Xu Xinrou pretended to apologize. In fact, it was deliberate. Hahaha.

“Xu Xinrou, are you looking for trouble?”

“I wouldn’t dare! It was really an accident! Oh, it’s my turn to shoot. See ya later.”

Xu Xinrou hung an apologetic smile on her face, her slender hips swaying as she strutted off to the set first.

Xu Xiyan stood in place and looked down at her white dress. The hemline of the skirt was stained all over with yellow-colored orange juice. It would not wash off no matter how much she tried. Even if she had managed to wash it off, it would not dry in time.

There were only two skirts provided by the wardrobe manager suitable for the commercial shoot and they were specially custom-made. How were they going to find a replacement in time?

Xu Xinrou had taken advantage of that fact to stop Jing Xi from shooting the commercial.

Damn woman. Xu Xiyan decided to teach her a lesson after the commercial shoot!

Xu Xinrou was constantly taking things that were supposed to be hers. Xu Xiyan could not stand it anymore but the important thing now was that she must not delay the shooting.

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