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So the reporters started to interview him one after another. “President Mo, did you disguise as the man in that video?”

“President Mo, just now you said that you had come for a friend. Is that ‘friend’ referring to Jing Xi?”

“President Mo, are you in a relationship with Jing Xi?”

Mo Yutian faced the cameras and curved his lips in a suggestive smile. “Jing Xi and I are…”

He deliberately dragged the last word as he said this, raising a hand to brush aside a strand of hair beside Jing Xi’s cheek.

In the eyes of the reporters, this kind of intimate gesture was undoubtedly an attestation to their relationship.

Xu Xiyan did not want the media to misunderstand. She quickly distanced herself from Mo Yutian, laughing as she answered, “He’s just a friend.”

Mo Yutian’s eyes were curved upwards. He had more to say. At this time, there was a commotion at the entrance.

Everyone turned toward the sound and saw a handsome man in a high-end handmade custom suit. He was surrounded by black-suited bodyguards as he walked into the banquet hall.

The screams of women came from all directions. Their excitement just showed how attractive the newcomer was.

“Aaaaaahh… he’s so handsome!”

“Who is he?”

“He has a beard! Isn’t he the bearded man in the video just now?”

The crowds murmured with discussion. Director Meissen was the first to recognize the newcomer. Pleasantly surprised, he walked up to him in and greeted him with open arms. “Oh, I didn’t think it was you, Elvis!”

“Long time no see, Mr. Meissen.”

After Huo Yunshen and Meissen greeted each other with a simple hug, Meissen looked up and down at his fake beard. He gave him a thumbs up and said, “Your acting is getting more and more impeccable!”

Before shooting the commercial, Meissen had received a call from Elvis, telling him that he would come and visit him in the near future.

But he was very surprised. He didn’t think that Elvis would suddenly appear today.

After the reporters recognized Elvis, they gave up interviewing Mo Yutian and turned their cameras to Elvis and interviewed him instead.

After all, this international movie king had a greater influence internationally than a pure businessman would have.

The voices of women became even louder and their eyes glittered with hearts ceaselessly.

“He turns out to be the movie king Elvis!”

“He will always be my prince charming forever…”

“He is really such a great legend!”

The reporters were also going crazy. They were more excited than a hungry pack of wolves who had been starved for half a month.

“Oh my god, I never thought I could see Elvis again in my lifetime. I’m so lucky! Quick, photograph him!”

“The man in the video just now looks more like Elvis. He has the same beard!”

“Are Elvis and the perfume goddess in a relationship?”

The emergence of Huo Yunshen was the best attack on those rumors.

The truth was Mo Yutian had intended to make

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