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Xu Xinrou blamed LK for seating her in Business Class and not in First Class.

In truth, it was not that LK did not want to seat them in First Class, but it was because First Class was fully booked by a certain someone.

As Xu Xiyan was resting, she could feel someone kicking her legs. She opened her eyes, and it was Xu Xinrou who had her bitch face on.

“What?” Xu Xiyan asked as she frowned.

“Get up! I want the window seat!” Xu Xinrou requested.

Xu Xiyan realized that Xu Xinrou was starting to become more like a robber.

Who does she think she is? Xu Xiyan scolded in her head. Does she think that I’m gentle like Hello Kitty because I did not bite back at her?

“Why should I even do that? This seat is mine, there’s no reason to give it to you.”

“I have motion sickness! Don’t blame me if I puke all over you!”

Not only had Xu Xinrou made up an absurd excuse, she even acted like she wanted to puke. It was a disgusting sight.

In spite of Xu Xinrou’s provocations, Xu Xiyan still remembered her status and did not argue with her since there were many civilians on the plane. Getting into a fight with Xu Xinrou would only attract unwanted attraction.

Xu Xiyan decided to give the seat to Xu Xinrou.

“Fine! Since you’re the senior in the acting industry, it’s best for me to respect the elder one. Here, you can have my seat, Senior Xu,” Xu Xiyan said as she stood up.

“Shut your damn garbage mouth!” Xu Xinrou scolded as she got angry for being called old.

“Why don’t you show us the garbage in your mouth then?” Xu Xiyan said as she grabbed Xu Xinrou by her wrist and twisted it.

“Ouch!” Xu Xinrou screamed. “It hurts! Let me go!”

Xi Xiyan threw Xu Xinrou’s arm to one side and warned in a low voice, “You better keep your mouth shut, or you’ll definitely regret it.”

Xu Xiyan sat back down in her own seat as Xu Xinrou finally stopped causing a scene.

The plane was about to take off after all the passengers had arrived.

An old woman suddenly came out from First Class and stopped beside Xu Xinrou while she covered her nose.

“Young lady, can I change my seat with you?” the old woman asked.

Xu Xiyan and Xu Xinrou both turned to look at the old woman. She was a huge lady with heavy makeup on her face. Her hair was white, and she wore a red shirt and a green dress. A necklace made of pearl was hung around her neck, and each of her fingers had a diamond ring on it.

The amount of jewelry the old woman had on her almost blinded Xu Xiyan and Xu Xinrou.

Yet from how the old woman dressed, both of them were biased on her aesthetic standard.

“Why should I change my seat with you?” Xu Xinrou asked out of curiosity.

“There’s someone with huge body odor in the First Class, and I have asthma,” the old woman explained as she fanned herself with her hand. “I will faint if I keep staying in there. Are you willing to change your seat with me?”

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