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Xu Xiyan did not go through any backdoor for the spot. She won because of her own talent.

If she really wanted to use her connections, she would’ve called Huo Yunshen and had him land her the spot.

But she did not do so because she wanted to challenge herself. Success came with losing; that was the way she wanted to live

Xu Xinrou began to waver. Xu Xiyan was right since there was no way Xu Xinrou could’ve won too if Huo Yunshen had a part in it.

Yet she felt angry since she had to share the part with Xu Xiyan.

“Do you really think I want to share the spot with you?” Xu Xinrou scolded. “Thinking of it makes me want to puke!”

Xu Xinrou stared at Xu Xiyan with a twisted face. If it were legal, she would’ve strangled Xu Xiyan to death on the spot.

Yet Xu Xiyan did not bite back at her, but slapped Xu Xinrou instead.

“Jing Xi! What was that for!”

Xu Xiyan waved her hand and said, “We really are sisters, huh? You want to puke, and I want to hit you. Do you want to try again?”

“Stay… stay away from me!” Xu Xinrou staggered backward as she saw Xu Xiyan raise her arm again.

Xu Xinrou could never forget how Xu Xiyan punished her parents and her grandmother, how crazy Xu Xiyan could get when she wanted to.

Xu Xiyan did not approach Xu Xinrou, but instead, she just raised her hand.

Xu Xinrou was afraid that she was going to get hit and quickly jumped backward. Xu Xinrou slipped as she landed and fell backwards.

Coincidentally, there was a bucket of dirty water used by the cleaners behind her. She hit the bucket, and the dirty water splashed all over her body.

Xu Xinrou screamed as her newest Chanel was covered in the dirty water.

It was so embarrassing that she even thought of dying at that moment.

Her dress was dirtied, and she reeked of a weird smell.

“Looks like you love to play with water, huh?” Xu Xiyan smirked. “Have fun then.”

Xu Xiyan did not pull Xu Xinrou up and left.

Xu Xinrou stared at Xu Xiyan as she dug her nails into her own flesh. She struggled to get up and ran to the washroom.

Xu Xinrou quickly took her phone out and called Mo Yutian.

“Mr. Mo? I have something to report… Yes, Jing Xi was at the audition too, we both won the spot… That’s all.”

Xu Xinrou thought that she could be a mistress to Mo Yutian, but she never expected that Mo Yutian had no interest in her. Circumstances led her to earn his trust by doing other things.

Her job was to report every move that Xu Xiyan made back to Mo Yutian. It was the only way for Mo Yutian to continue to support her financially.

If Mo Yutian were not there to support her, she would’ve crumbled into nothing.

Yet the only thing that Xu Xinrou would’ve never expected was that Mo Yutian was the one who changed the outcome of the audition.

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