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Xu Xiyan and Qi Liya finished their dinner around 9 and hailed a taxi to the Musical Fountain at East Lake.

It was the place where Peng Sicheng and Qi Liya usually had their date at.

There were many sweet memories there, but there were also tears of sadness. Qi Liya stood near the fountain, yet the sadness she once had was gone. She was unusually calm like it was her first time going to that place.

She raised her head and looked at the bench that she usually sat at. A man was waiting there for her.

Qi Liya instantly recognized Peng Sicheng. She exchanged looks with Xu Xiyan and walked towards him.

Peng Sicheng was already waiting at the bench from 6 and had been waiting for more than 2 hours.

He was nervous during the two hours since he still had many things to do, being a director and all.

Peng Sicheng thought about leaving, but he did say that he would wait for her.

As time passed by, Peng Sicheng finally learned the feeling of waiting for other people.

He looked at his watch, and it was almost 10.

Just as he was about to get up and leave, he noticed Qi Liya standing not far away from him. His heart throbbed as her hair and dress danced to the wind.

The girl that really moved his heart was still the same girl he’d fallen for.

Peng Sicheng looked at the girl and walked towards her with a bouquet of flowers in his hands.

“Liya, you’re finally here,” Peng Sicheng said as he gave her the flowers. “This is for you.”

Qi Liya took the flowers and did not say anything.

“I’m really sorry about what happened last time…” Peng Sicheng said. “The truth is, I want to start over with you again.”

What even gave you the idea I would want that? Qi Liya smirked in her head.

“With your fame and status, you can have any woman you want,” QI Liya said calmly. “Why are you coming back to me when you have so many other women around you?”

It was true that many women were getting ready to get laid with Peng Sicheng because of what he could provide them with. Yet none of them were able to win his heart.

Peng Sicheng thought that she was just angry at him, that was why he brought his A-game.

He took out a round box and kneeled in front of Qi Liya.

He opened the box, and there was an eye-catching diamond ring in it.

“Liya, I know that you’re still angry at me and I’ve caused you so much trouble, but I’m a different man now,” Peng Sicheng said. “I swear to God I will treat you better and love you like a real treasure.”

Peng Sicheng believed that a diamond ring could move any girl’s heart. He smiled as he noticed Qi Liya staring at the ring in awe.

Xu Xiyan was hiding around a corner and saw the whole thing. She was wondering what reaction Qi Liya would give.

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