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Xu Xinrou had always believed that from the beginning, Huo Yunshen’s wife was not actually Jing Xi and he had definitely conceived his daughter with another woman. Jing Xi was only a third party who was taking advantage of him as her sugar daddy.

Now a fourth woman had appeared with her child. Looks like the third one was going to get knocked out of the ring very soon.

From Xu Xinrou’s words, Xu Xiyan could hear that her intentions were to stir up more trouble for her!

Xu Xinrou’s intentions were so obvious that even Li Rouchu could tell what she was up to. She had some understanding of Jing Xi’s situation from Xiao Yuqian.

Xiao Yuqian had specially requested her to be wary of Xu Xinrou and not let her cause more trouble for Jing Xi.

Since Xu Xinrou was intending to attack Jing Xi with Huo Yunshen’s scandals, then Li Ruochu had to do her best to protect her artist.

She took out her mobile phone and showed it to Jing Xi. “Jing Xi, don’t you think this news is amusing? It seems that it happened on the same flight we took the day before yesterday. There was a certain actress with the surname Xu in economy class quarreling with the passengers. The news is even posted on the INMIS website and it is bursting with comments.”

A certain actress with the surname Xu?

Quarreling with passengers?

Opposite, Xu Xinrou could not sit still anymore. She had heard them mention something about economy class and some actress with the surname Xu quarreling and all that stuff. Wasn’t it her they were talking about?

Could it be that someone on the plane had photographed her quarreling with the passengers?

Xu Xinrou knew that the INMIS website was an international portal with very high daily hits. The news posted there would spread many times faster than on typical domestic websites.

In order to verify whether it was her, she immediately logged onto the INMIS website. On the website, in red text, was the headline of the English version of the news.

It was impossible to judge whether it was really her just by looking at the news headline alone, but a large picture next to it was a clear photograph of her face as she quarreled with the passengers.

She was so angry at that time and all of her facial features were twisted in anger.

After seeing this photo, Xu Xinrou felt uneasy and became very worried. If this news were to be seen by LK, what would the consequences be like?

Wen Li came over and saw the news too. Astonished, she asked, “When did this happen?”

“…” Xu Xinrou was silent with humiliation.

Her silence could only mean that she admitted that she was the one quarreling with the passengers on the plane.

What is she trying to do?

Does she not want to stay in the entertainment industry anymore?

Wen Li didn’t know what to say to Xu Xinrou and had a feeling that Xu Xinrou’s IQ was declining. Is she really having a baby brain after being pregnant?

“Wen Li, please help think of somethi

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