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“Mommy is going for a commercial shoot, not for a holiday. I won’t be able to take care of you at that time!” Xu Xiyan tried to explain.

“But… Mommy hasn’t traveled with Baby for a long time. Even Uncle Tang and Auntie Liang is taking Big Brother Feimo on a holiday. When will my mommy and daddy take me on a holiday?”

Ying Bao was rather envious of Feimo who could go on a holiday together with both of his parents. Although she would often go on a day out, it had always been her daddy or Uncle Tree-Leaf or Uncle Yi Xiao who had accompanied her.

They were all big old men. Boring.

“Please wait for a little longer. After Mommy finishes this commercial shoot, Mommy and Daddy will take you on a holiday when there’s free time, okay?”

“Okay then. Pinky promise!”

Ying Bao extended her pinky finger and they hooked their pinky fingers together.

At this time, Huo Yunshen came in from outside. He asked, “Everything all packed up, Dear?”

“Yup. Almost!”

“Then let’s tell our child a bedtime story and go to sleep!”

“Yay, okay!” Ying Bao clapped her hands excitedly, then scurried up onto her bed and lay down at the middle, waiting for her daddy and mommy to come over and accompany her.

Xu Xiyan lay next to the child and Huo Yunshen began to tell a bedtime story.

One after another the stories were told, and Ying Bao finally fell into a sweet dream.

“Well, that’s all for tonight’s stories.”

Huo Yunshen closed the storybook, lowered his head and kissed his daughter on her forehead. “Good night, Baby.”

Xu Xiyan also kissed her daughter and said goodnight to her, then got up to go take a bath.

After her bath, she sprayed a bit of “The Bewitching Fae” on herself and returned to the bedroom.

Her husband looked up from his book before she even got close to him. The keen-nosed Huo Yunshen had already caught a whiff of the faint perfume.

“What’s that smell? It smells really good!” he said.

Xu Xiyan lay down beside him, smiling as she replied, “I was trying out LK’s perfume, ‘The Bewitching Fae.’”

She had never used a perfume before because she already smelled good with her own natural body fragrance.

Huo Yunshen was particularly obsessed with the natural fragrance of her body. “You’re already very fragrant.”

“What about now?” Xu Xiyan asked, lifting her head.

Now, as a product endorser for the perfume, she had tried “The Bewitching Fae.” Though she had only applied a little bit of it on herself, the effect was still quite good.

And not surprisingly, the man was successfully “bewitched” by her.

The man put down his book and directly took her into his arms. He took a whiff of her hair near her temples and said in a soft voice, accusing her, “You bewitching little fae, now you’re deliberately seducing me!”

His hot breath sprayed across her ear, sending tingling currents down her body and throughout her limbs.

Sensing a dangerous power coming from the man, Xu Xiyan surre

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