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Chapter 733 The Best Combination

LK’s headquarter was located in Fstan, and they’d already arranged cars to pick them up. Xu Xinrou and Fan Tong were able to reach the designated pick up point at the last minute.

Anger still hung on Xu Xinrou’s face as she sat in the car.

She was so pissed at Fan Tong for not being able to find her luggage, and she had to do everything herself in the end.

Xu Xinrou decided that once she was back in Zstan, the first thing that she would do was to fire him.

Even though Xu Xinrou and Xu Xiyan were both ambassadors for LK, the way they were treated was different.

Xu Xiyan had slept soundly in the First Class and left the plane brimming with energy.

On the other hand, Xu Xinrou went from Business Class to Economy. Not only had an old lady puked all over her, she had even fought with some of the passengers. She did not even get a minute of rest on her way to Fstan.

There was no way that she could look great.

This was probably the worst flight experience Xu Xinrou had ever had.

They arrived at the hotel prepared by LK. Xu Xiyan stayed in a room by herself while Li Ruochu and Wan Dou slept in the

next room.

Xu Xinrou stayed in the room diagonally across from Xu Xiyan’s. The first thing she did after she entered the room was to call Wenli.

After not contacting her for a long time, Xu Xinrou decided to bow her head and beg Wenli to come back.

The call finally went through, and Xu Xinrou started to ask how Wenli was doing.

“Xinrou, just spit it out. What do you want from me?” Wenli asked.

“Wenli, I need you, can you please come back and help me? I regret what I’ve done. I know I was wrong for yelling at you. Can you please come back?”

Wenli stayed quiet for a few seconds and finally said, “I never blamed you.”

Wenli and Xu Xinrou could only do what they did best when they were together.

Xu Xinrou had screamed at Wenli when she had her miscarriage and Wenli was hurt by it. But for a long time after that, she did not look for another job because she bet that Xu Xinrou would come back for her.

And she was right.

“Thank you so much! Where are you now? When can we meet?” Xu Xinrou asked.

“I’m on vacation in Fstan.”

As soon as Xu Xinrou heard that Wenli was also in Fstan, she shouted in excitement, “I’m in Fstan too! Where are you at? Let’s meet now.”

People from LK came to fetch Xu Xiyan and Xu Xinrou the next day.

Xu Xiyan was surprised when she saw Wenli was in the hotel lobby standing next to Xu Xinrou.

Where the hell did Wenli pop out from? Xu Xiyan asked in her head.

Wenli also stared at Jing Xi with surprise in her eyes.

In contrast to Xu Xinrou’s heavy makeup, Jing Xi was a perfect natural beauty with no need for glamorous makeup.

In just a few months, Jing Xi had become completely different than the newcomer she had been before.

Even though Wenli was not at Xu Xinrou’s side for some time, she still k

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