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It was afternoon and Xu Xiyan returned to her hotel.

Xu Xiyan removed her makeup and took a shower. After her shower, she lay on the bed and called Huo Yunshen and asked him where he had been during the day.

Huo Yunshen told her where he and their daughter had visited during the day and everything that had happened during their trip. That was how they kept talking on the phone until he asked her, “Do you miss me?”

“Of course I do, I miss you very much.”

Xu Xiyan rolled over on the big hotel bed, feeling warm and fuzzy inside. She was thinking, how nice would it be if she could also travel with her husband and daughter during the day.

It would be soon. Director Meissen’s assistant had already contacted her and told her that the official shoot would begin tomorrow.

It wouldn’t be long before the shoot wrapped up and she could take the time to enjoy a good holiday with them before returning to Zstan.

“I’ve missed you very much too, dear. I really feel like kissing you right now!” The man’s magnetic voice stirred her heart even though it came through the speakers of the phone.

“Okay, go ahead and kiss me then. As long you’re able to, I’ll let you kiss me as much as you want,” Xu Xiyan laughed.

“You’ve said it. Don’t take your words back later.”

In fact, Xu Xiyan did not know that the man was already on the way to see her when they were on the phone and he was now coming upstairs to look for her.

The doorbell rang. Xu Xiyan said to the phone, “Wait a sec, someone’s at the door. Let me go see if it’s Sister Ruochu.”

Xu Xiyan hopped out of bed and went to open the door.

As soon as the door opened, a bunch of bright-red roses appeared before her eyes.

Judging by the looks of them, there must have been at least 999!

Xu Xiyan was shocked and took two steps back. The man entered the room with the bouquet and a beautiful and magnificent face appeared when he moved the bouquet aside.

It turned out to be Huo Yunshen!

And he was being very funny. He had stuck a little mustache above his lips and he was dressed in a different style than he usually did. Today, he had completely taken on the wild style of a western cowboy.

“It’s you?”

Xu Xiyan was thunderstruck by his new style and she didn’t know what to say about it.

“How do I look? Are you pleasantly surprised to see me?”

Huo Yunshen did not care whether his style was jaw-dropping or not. Anyways, he had dressed himself this way to keep himself low-profile and to hide his identity. His ultimate goal was to reunite with his wife.

“Yeah, I’m really pleasantly surprised.”

Xu Xiyan was really surprised and happy. Just now he had told her over the phone that he was still tens of kilometers away from her hotel. It turned out he was just teasing her.

This guy was really mischievous!

Xu Xiyan jumped at him directly and hung onto him with her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist.

Huo Yunshen kicked the

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