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Xu Xiyan looked at Tang Shixue, who was holding her child and carrying a bag on her back.

“Oh, can you help me get the stroller from the trunk?” Tang Shixue asked.

Xu Xiyan got the stroller from the trunk and let Mike sit in it.

“Thank you, let’s meet up sometime,” Tang Shixue said as she pushed her son into the hospital.

“Do you want me to accompany you?”

Xu Xiyan understood how it felt to take a child to the hospital alone. It was very troublesome due to the complicated procedure.

“Thanks, but I can handle it on my own.” Tang Shixue refused and went into the hospital.

Xu Xiyan sighed as she looked at Tang Shixue’s back.

Tang Shixue was not a bad person, and she was facing many challenges by raising a kid on her own. Xu Xiyan prayed from the bottom of her heart that Tang Shixue could find her happiness.

Xu Xiyan went back after Tang Shixue left her sight. Yet she did not notice that Xu Xinrou was hiding behind a car and had seen the whole thing.

Xu Xinrou noticed that the boy looked like Huo Yunshen and followed Tang Shixue into the hospital to learn more about her.

Tang Shixue registered her kid at the hospital and took her son for a checkup.

Yet when the doctor saw the report, he scolded, “What kind of a parent are you? How could you drag this out when your son has such serious leukemia? Is his life a joke to you? You have to admit him to the hospital right away!”

Leukemia? Tang Shixue was stunned by the news. It’s not a fever?

It was as if everything became darker, and Tang Shixue found it hard to stand still.

It felt like the sky was crumbling down on her.

Tang Shixue listened to the doctor’s every instruction and admitted Mike into the hospital right away.

Xu Xinrou followed Tang Shixue all the way and realized that the girl was Tang Shixue and the kid was her son, Mike.

If Xu Xinrou was not wrong, Tang Shixue was the female singer from the OM group who hadsat next to Xu Xiyan at the gala.

Xu Xinrou recalled that there was not any news about Tang Shixue having a child.

If word got out, it would be a not so small scandal.

Xu Xinrou took a closer look at Mike. The more she looked at him, the more he looked like Huo Yunshen.

Too bad that such a handsome kid was diagnosed with leukemia.

Xu Xinrou snapped a few photos of Mike, believing that if the photos were made public, it would cause some distrust between Xu Xiyan and Huo Yunshen.

Even if it would not separate them, it could still cause them quite a bit of trouble.

Xu Xinrou hurried out of the hospital and rushed to Mo Yutian.

She knew that Mo Yutian hated the fact that Xu Xiyan was together with Huo Yunshen and they could gain something from making the news public.

Xu Xinrou had gotten smarter. She decided not to publish the news herself but instead went to Mo Yutian and let him decide what to do.

The Blackwater Manor.

Xu Xinrou finally met Mo Yutian.

He was playing dart

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