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After getting enough photos, the reporters left the room one by one. The naked middle-aged woman climbed up from the ground. When Wen Li took a good look at the woman’s face, her eyes went wide with astonishment.

She… isn’t she Xu Xinrou’s mother?

She knew Su Rui. She had also heard that after Xu Jinshan was disfigured in an explosion accident, Xu Xinrou’s mother took the Xu family’s money away and went abroad with a boy toy.

How did a tender-looking boy toy become a white-haired old man now?

In the distance, Xu Xinrou saw the reporters leaving the room, but Wen Li did not return yet.She called her up and asked her about the situation. Wen Li told her to come see it for herself.

Xu Xinrou guessed that the show must be very exciting. She couldn’t wait to see how humiliated Jing Xi looked.


When Xu Xinrou looked through the crack of the door into the room, she was shocked and felt her blood instantly run cold.

How could the woman inside be… her mother?

Don’t tell her that… she had brought reporters to catch her mother in the act?

Xu Xinrou hadn’t seen her mother for a long time. Since her father’s accident last time and the Xu family’s downfall, her mother had taken the family’s money and ran away with a boy toy.

She resented her mother. Why had she done such a low-down act? She had always wanted to find her and demand a good explanation from her.

She didn’t expect to meet her here today—and while she was messing around with an old man who was at least over half a century old.

Xu Xinrou fought her disgust in her heart and kicked the door open with a loud crash.

Inside, Su Rui’s clothes were disheveled and she was about to hide, but a familiar voice came to her ear. “Mom, what the hell are you doing here?”

Su Rui suddenly heard the voice of her daughter and felt a chill running down her spine.

She lifted her head up shakily and saw Xu Xinrou standing at the door, looking at them with eyes full of disgust. She panicked and said, “Xinrou!”

Xu Xinrou ignored her mother and yelled at the old man, “You, get lost!”

The old man clambered and stumbled out of the room in his disheveled clothes.

Su Rui saw that her client had run away and felt like crying. She had already slept with him. Why didn’t he pay up?

Wen Li also left the room. Only Xu Xinrou and Su Rui were in the room now.

Under Xu Xinrou’s persistence, Su Rui finally told her the truth.

At first, she had eloped with a boy toy and went abroad. But after the man cheated her out of all of her money, he disappeared without a trace.

She was a stranger in a foreign land who could not speak their language and she had no relatives and friends to rely on. She was so desperate that she had to resort to whoring to survive. The old man just now was her client.

Her rate was 5 Fstan dollars for a session.

Xu Xinrou literally felt like vomiting blood non-stop!

She could never imagine that her middle-a

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