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But Xu Xiyan was just the opposite of her. She had chosen to wear a Chinese Cheongsam style dress with a fishtail skirt. Though she did not expose much of her body, she exuded an air of nobility and elegance all over her. She was indescribably beautiful.

At the celebration banquet, a huge poster was hung from the ceiling. They had chosen a picture of Xu Xiyan in a white dress with the torn skirt for the poster.

She had shown off her beauty to the extreme. She was really breathtaking.

And Xu Xinrou was standing beside Xu Xiyan in a black dress in the poster.

Until this moment, Xu Xinrou realized that something was not right. There was a problem with the poster. She wore black and was endorsing “The Bewitching Fae.” Jing Xi wore white and was endorsing “The Sweet Love Angel.”

But why was Jing Xi endorsing “The Bewitching Fae” now?

Xu Xinrou told Wen Li to go ask the LK representatives about it. Wen Li came back with the answer saying that LK had made a last-minute change before the poster was released. They had decided to let Jing Xi, who conformed to the style requirements to the product, to become the endorser of “The Bewitching Fae” series.

Xu Xinrou felt like vomiting blood again. Fine then. So if she were to back down and let Jing Xi endorse “The Bewitching Fae,” then what about “The Sweet Love Angel?”

Why didn’t anyone mention “The Sweet Love Angel” she was endorsing?

When they walked into the banquet hall, many reporters gathered around them for an interview.

“Are you ‘The Bewitching Fae,’ Jing Xi?”

“Jing Xi, how did you manage to speak with your eyes?”

“Jing Xi, your advertisement is really outstanding. Have you considered growing your career internationally?”

The foreign media was particularly interested in the Zstanese girl who could speak with her eyes. Almost all of their questions were about her.

Xu Xinrou was being pushed aside by the reporters. She was feeling particularly upset as she watched the reporters interviewing Jing Xi.

Why her?

There were two of them shooting the commercials together, okay?

She had occupied half of the space in the advertisement. Why did they only notice Jing Xi?

In fact, Xu Xinrou should really ask herself these questions. Take another good look at the poster!

Xu Xinrou’s eyes in the poster did not face the camera and it was unclear where she was looking at. She was standing sideways in the poster and her pose looked stiff.

If nobody said that it was her, Xu Xinrou really looked like some random dark-colored prop at first glance.

No one is going to be interested in some prop. Everyone was going to only notice the expressive-eyed Jing Xi.

It was such an advertising poster that had successfully pushed Jing Xi into the limelight and the eyes of the world.

Anyone who had seen the advertisements would remember Jing Xi as well as her “Bewitching Fae” perfume series.

But only Xu Xinrou would feel that it was Ji

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