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Huo Yunshen would never sit still and let this person ruin his family. The first thing he did was to order Huo Sanyan to handle the whole scandal.

He hoped that there wouldn’t be a word about the child after he and Xu Xiyan returned to Zstan.

After Xu Xiyan and Xu Xinrou met with the person responsible for the whole advertisement, they went to see the director of the video, Mason.

Mason was a famous director with a weird personality. He required all of the actresses that were part of his projects to be good at what they were supposed to do. If any of them did not meet his standards, he would fire them straight away.

While they were waiting to meet him, Wenli showed her phone to Xu Xinrou. After reading about the news on Huo Yunshen’s bastard son, she knew that it was Mo Yutian behind it.

She thought that her chance had finally arrived.

She took a peek at Xu Xiyan, who seemed like she wasn’t affected by the scandal, and guessed that Xu Xiyan had no idea about it.

Xu Xinrou believed that even if Xu Xiyan’s manager, Li Ruochu, knew about it, she would never tell Xu Xiyan before the job ended.

And her guess was right. After Li Ruochu heard about the scandal from Xiao Yuqian, she did not tell Xu Xiyan about it.

She even kept Xu Xiyan from using her phone because she wanted Xu Xiyan to be focused when meeting with Mason.

Yet, Xu Xinrou did not plan to let Xu Xiyan off the hook that easily.

“Wenli, are you sure about the news regarding Huo Yunshen and his bastard son?” Xu Xinrou asked in a loud voice.

“Of course! Everyone in Peijing knows about it!” Wenli replied. “The news mentioned that Huo Yunshen maintained a relationship with another woman while he is still married. They even have a four-year-old child! I can’t believe that he’s that kind of person!”

Xu Xiyan originally planned to look at the magazine on LK, but the Huo Yunshen’s name piqued her curiosity.

She heard about the bastard son and looked at Li Ruochu, asking for her phone.

“I’ll give it to you after the meeting,” Li Ruochu said while shaking her head.

“Just give it to me,” Xu Xiyan insisted.

Xu Xiyan read the article about Huo Yunshen’s bastard son on the headline.

The news mentioned that Huo Yunshen abandoned his son, Mike, and Tang Shixue because Mike has leukemia.

Xu Xiyan could not help but curse the person who wrote such a nonsense article.

She praised the author for his imagination.

The only reason why Mike looked a little like Huo Yunshen was that he was Huo Jingtang’s son.

Of course, they would have some similarities.

Xu Xiyan believed in Huo Yunshen. Thus the scandal had no effect whatsoever on her.

The only thing she was worried about was Mike’s illness.

She recalled that Tang Shixue told her that Mike only had a fever and Xu Xiyan pondered when he was diagnosed with leukemia.

While Xu Xiyan was still lost in her thoughts, Xu Xinrou continued to insult, “Looks like so

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