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“I’m really sorry. I tend to have airsickness so I can’t change my seat.”

Xu Xinrou had understood why the old lady had come to change her seat. Although she wanted her business class seat in exchange for her first-class seat, she still didn’t want to go there to smell someone’s bad body odor!

After the old lady was refused by Xu Xinrou, she asked Xu Xiyan, “What about you, young lady? Be a good lass and change your seat with an old lady?”

After Xu Xiyan understood what was going on, she sympathized with the elderly lady who had asthma. She said nothing more and immediately stood up and agreed, “Okay, I will change with you.”

“Ooh, thank you so much, young lady.”

Xu Xiyan gave up her seat. After the old lady sat down, Xu Xiyan made her way towards first-class to look for the old lady’s seat number.

Xu Xinrou crossed her arms, smirking as she watched Xu Xiyan head off into the first-class cabin. Haha! She can go there and marinate herself with the stink!

Xu Xiyan walked into first-class. The first thing she saw was the bodyguards with black sunglasses sitting at the last row. She guessed that there must be someone very important in first-class.

Here, the cabin did not smell like bad body odor as expected. A light and refreshing smell wafted over her. It smelled particularly good.

Xu Xiyan moved on and continued looking for her seat in first-class. She discovered that, except for the men occupying the last row, most of the seats were empty; only two other passengers were in this part of the aircraft.

To be exact, the two passengers were an adult and a child.

They were wearing black casual wear from top to bottom. Their faces were unclear as they were also wearing caps, sunglasses, and flu-masks.

“Excuse me, are the seats here free-seating?”

Xu Xiyan found that the old lady’s seat was being occupied by the man.

She looked around and saw so many empty seats. She planned that if nobody were sitting in them, she would just simply take any seat.

At this moment, the child and the man took off their hats and sunglasses and flu-masks at the same time, then turned to look at her.

An extremely cute little face and a handsome face she had missed so much appeared before her eyes. Xu Xiyan jumped in surprise. “Ah! Why are you guys here?”

Ying Bao swung her legs excitedly on her seat. “Hi, Mommy! Are you very surprised?”

Surprised? She was almost shocked, okay!

Xu Xiyan remembered that Ying Bao still had to go to school. How was she going to school now that she was on the plane?

“Surprised, my foot! Tell me, what did you bring her here for? Is she not going to school?” Xu Xiyan asked Huo Yunshen.

Huo Yunshen explained with a poker face, “Soon after you left, the child kept saying that she missed you so much that she was having a stomachache. I was afraid that things would become more serious the more she missed you, so…”

Xu Xiyan knew Huo Yunshen very well and all of this m

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