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Both of them looked perfectly well together.

When Xu Xiyan took the trophy from Tang Shixue, they hugged a little, and Tang Shixue left the stage, leaving the rest of them onstage.

Huang Yan was a famous host in the entertainment industry and had a vast understanding of every celebrity.

“Jing Xi, not only can you act well, but you even won awards in the music industry,” Huang Yan joked. “The musicians will go broke if you keep on doing this.”

In truth, Huang Yan was praising her for her talents.

Xu Xiyan laughed at the joke while Huang Yan turned to Mu Chenguang and said, “Mu Chenguang, all of us almost thought that you and Xu Xiyan were a couple after watching the music video. Both of you are a hot topic on the internet now. So, are you two really dating?”

Mu Chenguang touched his eyebrows and said, “I don’t like girls who are a little manly. If she could become a little more lady-like, I might consider her.”

After what Mu Chenguang has just said, Xu Xiyan lunged towards him and grabbed him by his neck as a joke for selling her out.

“So, Jing Xi, are you still single now? How ’bout me? Am I good enough to date you?” Huang Yan asked.

“Mr. Huang, aren’t you worried that you might get punished after this for flirting with girls on stage?” Xu Xiyan asked.

The guests all laughed at Xu Xiyan’s joke. Everyone knew that Huang Yan was gay and had a boyfriend.

Because Xu Xiyan kept countering every question Huang Yan asked, Huang Yan asked Mu Chenguang to leave the stage first as he continued to bombard her with questions.

“Then let me ask you this,” Huang Yan said. “We know that you have a very close relationship with Ni Yu. Can you let us know if he’ll come to the gala tonight?”

“I’m not sure about that. You’ll have to ask Ni Yun himself.”

“All right, then can you tell us what Ni Yun really looks like? Is he really ugly? Or else why would he wear a mask every time he makes an appearance?”

“I think he actually might be your type.” Xu Xiyan said with a dumbfounded expression

“For real?” Huang Yan shouted in surprise as he glanced at the blue door full of hope. “Then let us see if Ni Yun will show up this year. Let us welcome Ni Yun onto the stage for his awards!”

Everyone clapped as they stared at the door.

After a minute had passed, the door opened and in came a man that was short and fat.

The guests knew who he was; he was the one who had always accepted awards in Ni Yun’s place.

They began to boo at the guy who came in place of Ni Yun as they were disappointed.

Yet the guy was struck down by a board just after taking a few steps and another tall person showed up at the door.

The man wore a tuxedo that complimented his tall and muscular body.

Everyone stared at the person with their mouths wide open, wondering if it was Ni Yun.

Their hopes were once again lit up.

He walked towards the stage in his white tuxedo and a silver mask that covered his eyes. Ev

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