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“It would be my pleasure,” Xu Xiyan said, acting like a huge fan, all shy and embarrassed in front of her prince charming.

The music began to play, and they sang the theme song for “Red-Sleeved Beauty,””Majestic Land.”

[We strolled through the wars together,

as our hands were dyed by blood.

Thousands of miles and countless bodies,

peace finally came.

As the wind blew and the flag soared, we remained together…]

They sang and looked at each other as the fans could feel the love between them.

As soon as they finished singing, the crowd began to chant, “Date her! Date her!”

Jing Xi took the microphone and joked, “Come on, where’s your loyalty? I thought all of you wanted me to date Mu Chenguang? Even if wanted to date Ni Yun, there’s no way he’s going to accept me, right?”

Everyone had already read about the scandal where Huo Yunshen was already married and even had a daughter that could converse normally. Not one maiden on the scene had the chance to charm their way into his arms anymore.

“Mr. Huo,” Huang Yan interviewed. “We’ve heard that you have a wife and a daughter now, can you tell us about your wife? I believe your fans are all curious as to which woman was able to win your heart over.”

Huo Yunshen scanned the crowd before turning to Xu Xiyan and said, “She’s more like Miss Jing over here.”

It’s not more like, it is me! Xu Xiyan said in her head and tried to hold her laughter back. With how Huo Yunshen played with words, the fans would’ve never guessed that it really was her.

Everyone except for Tang Shixue and Mu Chenguang could not even realize that both of them were indeed a couple.

It was time to hand out the awards to Huo Yunshen.

Xu Xiyan took the mic and hosted, “For more than 2,000 nights, Ni Yun’s songs were always there when we were lonely. Ever since his first song, “The Dream Catcher,” debuted, Ni Yun began to take over the world with his talents. His newest album, “To the Best of You,” topped the charts in over 40 countries, a new world record. At the same time, not only has the music video for ‘Maybe’ won the Best Style Award, but the song itself has also won Ni Yun the Best Music Award, the Best Composer Award, the Best Chinese Singer Award, and the Global Best Celebrity Award. His name, Ni Yun, has become a worldwide phenomenon, and his voice, has become one that can calm a person’s soul. The Gala would also like to award Ni Yun with the Universal Music Gala Lifetime Achievement Award.”

The crowd clapped after Xu Xiyan finished her hosting speech as Xu Xiyan handed a huge trophy made of gold to Huo Yunshen.

“Congratulations, Mr. Huo, this is the glory that you definitely deserve,” Xu Xiyan said.

Huo Yunshen looked at Xu Xiyan as he took the trophy and hugged her lightly.

“My best award will always be you,” Huo Yunshe whispered in a sexy voice as he hugged her.

Huo Yunshen lightly brushed his lips on her cheek as he pulled himself away and it

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