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“I see. I heard that you and Director Huang are preparing for the wedding. Is it true?” Xu Xiyan asked.

Upon mentioning the wedding, Qi Liya’s lips curved up automatically. “Yeah, it is confirmed. We might go to the Maldives and hold a simple seaside wedding.”

“Wow! I think that’s so romantic.”

“Oh right, Jing Xi, I was wondering if you’re willing to be my bridesmaid?”

“Of course I’m willing! I would be honored to be your bridesmaid!”

Xu Xiyan reckoned that she was going to be busy. Not only had she promised Qi Liya to be her bridesmaid, but she had also promised to become one for Fang Xiaocheng too.

After settling the subject of being her bridesmaid, Xu Xiyan remembered Peng Sicheng’s request. “Hey, Sister Qi, there’s something I have to tell you.”

“What is it?”

“It’s about Director Peng. He insisted that I tell you that today is his birthday and he will be waiting for you at the usual spot at 7 o’clock in the evening. He said he would wait there until you come.”

“Okay, got it.”

Qi Liya was indifferent with her reply as if she had just heard something unimportant. If Jing Xi hadn’t told her about Director Peng, she would not have remembered that today was his birthday.

She had removed the man from her life long ago, and everything related to him was no longer important to her.

And he said that he would be waiting for her at the usual spot and he would not leave until he sees her?

It used to be her who had been waiting for him at that spot. Whenever she waited there, she would only be met with heartbreak and disappointment. Now it was finally him who was waiting for her at that spot. She should at least let him get a taste of what it felt like waiting for someone!

Qi Liya’s makeup was done. As the stylist was fixing her hair for her, she called out to Jing Xi, “Jing Xi, if you have time tonight, could you accompany me there?”

Qi Liya decided to make a complete break with Peng Sicheng, but she did not dare to go there alone to see him.

She hoped that Jing Xi could accompany her. Jing Xi was skilled in martial arts and she could protect her when the time came.

“Okay, I will accompany you tonight,” Xu Xiyan agreed.

It didn’t take long for Qi Liya to have her makeup done and herself dressed. She had completely transformed into a different person; it was simply hard to recognize her.

Qi Liya was actually already in her early thirties. But right now, after wearing a blue and white school uniform and having her hair tied up into a ponytail, she did not look anything like her age. She had completely become a teenage high school girl.

The first male lead Ma Haodong had also changed into his costume and got a make-over. When he showed himself in front of everyone, Xu Xiyan could not help but snicker at him.

Ma Haodong scratched his head as he looked down at his oversized school uniform. He asked puzzlingly, “What are you laughing at? Do I look weird?”

“No, you’re not

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