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Maybe because Xu Xinrou was feeling down and tired, Mason thought that she was an assistant and did not pay much attention to her.

After a few minutes had passed, Mason still did not offer to shake hands with her and Xu Xinrou could not help but introduce herself to him first.

Mason looked at Xu Xinrou from top to bottom and asked Xu Xiyan, “Is she your assistant?”

“No, she’s the other actress who will be in the film, Xu Xinrou,” Xu Xiyan explained, trying to hold back her laughter.

Mason had no idea about the other actress and asked his assistant to show him Xu Xinrou’s information.

His assistant quickly took out his laptop and showed Mason all the information about Xu Xinrou.

Mason went through her information and realized that she was the same as the actress he read about on INMIS, the same one who’d argued with passengers on the plane.

Mason was very surprised, and he could not understand why LK would accept an actress with no dignity or respect to others.

“I know who you are,” Mason said. “You’re the one who insulted a few passengers on the plane. Do you even know how important a celebrity’s public image is? Being pretty is not the only criteria for LK’s brand ambassador, but they also need to have a good personality. Let me ask you this, Ms. Xu, do you think you have that?”

It was as if Mason’s words were spoken from a devil’s mouth as the last sentence kept ringing in Xu Xinrou’s head.

She could not reply to his question and could only stand there like an idiot.

With no good impression of Xu Xinrou in his mind, Mason began to ask Xu Xinrou a few questions.

And yet Xu Xinrou could not answer any one of them.

The questions were simple, yet Xu Xinrou could not find the answers when Mason asked her.

Mason was disappointed at the actress that had made herself known to everyone in Peijing. Not only did she not have a good personality, she even lacked the wits to attract him.

And on the other hand, Jing Xi left a good impression.

Not only was she pretty and had a great personality, but she was also smart.

After a brief talk with Jing Xi, Mason began to discuss the video with them, informing them that they would begin the shooting process as soon as possible.

Xu Xinrou stopped Xu Xiyan after they left Mason’s office and asked, “You’re the one who showed him the news, am I right?”

“Do you really think that I’m that boring?”

Xu Xiyan found it funny how Xu Xinrou reacted to the incident.

“There’s no one else who would do that! You really are willing to do anything to let Mason hate me, am I right?” Xu Xinrou scolded.

“Do I even have to do that? Your face is enough to tell the whole story,” Xu Xiyan said while she shrugged before she turned to leave. “Can you even reflect on what you did? Even people from foreign countries are laughing at you now. If I was you, I would just hide my face in the hotel and never come out.

“You!” Xu Xinrou was so angry that she c

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