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Chapter 732 First Time Losing Her Temper In Public

Fan Tong was kicked back into business class. Not long after Xu Xinrou sat down, some people began to recognize her.

Three women were pointing at her, whispering to each other.

“Hey, isn’t that Xu Xinrou?”

“It’s really her! How did she end up sitting in economy class?”

“Her status must’ve fallen sharply after being dumped by Huo Jingtang. She can’t even afford to buy first-class tickets anymore.”

“Isn’t it ironic? After dumping her, Huo Jingtang became a cripple too in the end. He was also imprisoned for life for murder. Back then when the two were together, I didn’t think they were even a good match to each other anyway.”

“Yeah, it must be because she wanted to take advantage of the Huo family so she dumped Chu Yuhe in the first place. I heard that she got pregnant later but the child was lost.”

“Who knows if she had really miscarried it or had deliberately aborted it. Maybe she didn’t even know who was the father of the child. Haha…”

Xu Xinrou’s face turned green listening to the gossip behind her and she could not take it anymore. She stood up and pointed at those gossiping women angrily.

“Have I upset you all? Listen, you busybodies! If you dare gossip again, I’ll rip off your mouths!”

The gossiping women became very angry after suddenly being scolded by Xu Xinrou.

The three of them stood together to retaliate against her.

“So what if we said all that? We have freedom of speech and you can’t do anything about it!”

“Right, you think you’re so great just because you’re a star! You’re a phoenix who has molted its feathers and you’re no better than a chicken now! I say you might as well scurry home and make babies!”

“Your temperament is really bad and you’re totally different on TV. How did we like this kind of star before? She’s really garbage!”

For a time, the economy class was filled with their angry clamor. Many people flocked over to watch the drama. Some of the passengers took the opportunity to secretly photograph Xu Xinrou quarreling with the women.

It was truly a rare sight to see a former big shot, A-list artist such as Xu Xinrou losing her composure and quarreling with the passengers on the plane.

Xu Xinrou was really mad. This was her first time losing her temper in public.

In the past, she had always left the impression of being very affable on screen and in front of the camera. But now, she was just like a shrew, her hands clawing at those women.

If the flight attendants had not come to placate them in time, Xu Xinrou would have probably lost control and ripped those women apart.

She really had enough and she was very angry. She was frustrated that she had no place to vent her anger.

However, if Wenli was still around, it would have been very different. At least everything would have been arranged properly, and there would have never been a series of unfortunate circumstances happening like to

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