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Chapter 1193: Connecting Bridges For Her

“A bad uncle!” Ying Bao said. “But another handsome uncle saved me after that!”

“What kind of handsome uncle?” Xu Xiyan asked, unable to understand the situation as Ye Xun and Huo Sanyan had not mentioned it.

“He’s very young and very good looking. He has eyes like mummy’s ring!”

Ying Bao was trying to say that the uncle’s eyes were as bright as jewels.

“Then do you know who he is?”

“No,” Ying Bao replied, as she had forgotten to ask the teen’s name.

“All right, it’s almost time. Let’s go,” Xu Xiyan said, stopping the conversation as she did not find anything informative.

“Daddy!” Ying Bao shouted as she turned towards the stairs.

Huo Yunshen came down from the stairs and opened his arms for Ying Bao.

“Come on, let’s go!” Huo Yunshen smiled.


Ying Bao followed her parents to her new school and went into it with them.

None of them noticed that a luxurious car was waiting near the gate, with a pair of eyes inside looking at them.

The eyes belonged to the teen who had saved Ying Bao.

“My prince, shall we go back now?” a man in a blue suit sitting in the car with the teen asked.

“When does her class end?”

“4 p.m.”

“Then we’ll come back around four.”

“Yes, my prince.”

Not long after the car left, Huo Yunshen and Xu Xiyan came out from the pre-school.

They were talking about how decent the school was and that it was a good place for Ying Bao to study.

They went straight to the hospital to meet with Gu Yici for Huo Yunshen’s therapy session.

With the pass given by Helian Qingyu, they went into the military hospital with ease.

When they were waiting for Gu Yici to finish with his patient, Xu Xiyan got a call from an unknown number.

The call was from Ouyang Feifei, the girl that Xu Xiyan had gotten into an accident with.

Ouyang Feifei asked Xu Xiyan if she was free and said that she wanted to talk about something.

Upon mentioning Ouyang Feifei, Xu Xiyan couldn’t help but think that she was an angel sent to help connect bridges for her.

Xu Xiyan did not recognize Ouyang Feifei when she first met her, but after looking her up online, Xu Xiyan finally realized that she was Estan’s Secretary of State’s daughter.

What Xu Xiyan was excited about was not who Ouyang Feifei was, but who her mother was. Ouyang Feifei was also Ren Meixin’s daughter, the current president of the Lancha Society. Xu Xiyan was eager to meet with her to talk about Lady White Tea.

With that in mind, Xu Xiyan accepted Ouyang Feifei’s invitation.

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