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Chapter 1183: Going Crazy

Not giving Bai Yanchuan any time to react, Helian Qingyu threw him onto the glass table, crushing it.

When Bai Yanchuan climbed up with a lot of broken glass on the ground, he was met with Helian Qingyu’s raining punches.

“And what good have you done to her?” Helian Qingyu shouted. “You’re the one who ruined her family! If not for me, she would’ve been suffering in some alley!”

Helian Qingyu was indeed telling the truth. He had been kind to her most of the time.

Li Ruochu had servants serving her the whole day, and he would give her everything she wanted.

She was the first girl that made him do that.

Bai Yanchuan was caught off guard when Helian Qingyu first threw his punch, but now that he had straightened his form, he was not prepared to go down without a fight.

The two men fought each other in the VIP room, destroying everything in their way.

In the end, Helian Qingyu was victorious thanks to his military training.

“I’ll ask you one more time! Where is Li Ruochu?” Helian Qingyu asked as he pinned Bai Yanchuan down by pushing his leg on his neck.

“I don’t know…” Bai Yanchuan gasped. “I wouldn’t tell you even if I did…”

Upon hearing the answer, Helian Qingyu punched Bai Yanchuan in the face without hesitation.

The punch was powerful enough to knock Bai Yanchuan out.

After seeing that Bai Yanchuan was unconscious, Helian Qingyu left with his guards.

Judging from Bai Yanchuan’s reaction, Helian Qingyu was sure that Bai Yanchuan was not the one who had taken Li Ruochu away.

Yet it only made him more suspicious as to how far a pregnant woman could run.

That was the first time Helian Qingyu actually felt agitated because of a woman.

She was the first that could make him lose himself every time.

Helian Qingyu had been telling himself that Li Ruochu was just a woman who had cheated on him and got pregnant with another man’s child.

Yet he still was not able to let her go.

And it was driving him crazy.

Xu Xiyan and Huo Yunshen took some time off their schedule to visit the Jing mansion with Ying Bao.

Jing Huaduo finally let out a breath of relief when he saw Xu Xiyan coming home.

He’d already heard of what happened to Xu Xiyan from Jing Zhannan, and he was glad that he had a grandson-in-law that was willing to throw everything away just to save her.

Xu Xiyan told Jing Huaduo of their decision to move to Estan during lunch.

Jing Huaduo understood their reasons and was even supportive of their decision. The only regret for him was that he would miss his great-granddaughter.

“What should I do? When will I be able to see Ying Bao again?” Jing Huaduo voiced his worries.

“Don’t worry, I’ll video call you every day!” Ying Bao smiled.

“Really? Thank you,” Jing Huaduo laughed.

“Why don’t you come with us?” Xu Xiyan asked, worried about her grandfather’s safety. “At least we can take care of you.”

“I would’ve

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