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Chapter 1219: Behind My Back

Yun Xuerou did not expect that Old Man Xia would get caught and even rat her out.

“Helian… Please listen to me… I did all of these things for you…” Yun Xuerou tried to argue.

“Bullshit!” Helian Wei scolded. “You were supposed to assist me in making the country better, and yet you did so many wrong things behind my back instead! Speak, woman! What is your goal?”

“I… I did not…” Yun Xuerou stammered. “If you had only focused on me, I would’ve never had to do all of these things to get your attention!”

“Silence! Do you think I really have no idea that you were the one responsible for stopping me from meeting with Jing Ruyue? You really are one sick person!”

Helian Wei pushed Yun Xuerou away, and she fell to the ground, looking at the man high above her with teary eyes.

There was no compassion nor mercy in Helian Wei’s eyes, only anger.

“You are not fit to be Estan’s First Lady anymore. You have forced me to file for a divorce!”

“No… Please… Anything but a divorce…”

Yun Xuerou was caught entirely off guard and grabbed onto Helian Wei’s legs, begging him to not leave her.

“You should’ve expected that a day like this would come when you decided to take the wrong path,” Helian Wei said coldly and turned away.

“You’re the President of Estan!” Yun Xuerou shouted. “Aren’t you afraid that others will laugh at you?”

“So what if I become a laughing stock? It’s still better than being the husband of a vile woman!”

“But you must’ve loved me! You even covered me with your coat in front of everyone once!”

Yun Xuerou thought that what Helian Wei had done was his way of showing his affection towards her.

“All I did was for Qingyu, not you,” Helian Wei said coldly as he kicked Yun Xuerou off his legs. “Tomorrow is Qingyu’s engagement, you better keep your act up!”

Helian Wei left, leaving the woman on the ground shivering in fear. She could tell that Helian Wei was serious about the divorce.

What to do? What should I do?

A huge engagement party was held at Lin City’s best hotel the next day.

It was the engagement of Estan’s General, Helian Qingyu, and the nation’s goddess, Lan Ling’er. The party attracted reporters, local and foreign.

A lot of high ranking officials also attended the party, including the Secretary of State, Ouyang Qing, with his wife and daughter. The President’s cousin, Helian Xiong, and his son, Helian Chen, were present at the party too.

Xu Xiyan attended the party with Huo Yunshen as Jun Yan, but her complexion was paler than the actual Jun Yan and was prettier than most women.

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