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Chapter 1216: They Planned It

Old Man Xia realized that they had already failed. So he refused to say anything further.

“Take him away and get something solid from him!”

Jin Xiu asked his men to take away Old Man Xia. He turned to thank Xu Xiyan and said, “We are truly grateful, Mr. Jun…but I do wonder how you found that Old Man Xia had a bug.”

“I’ve got some good ears.”

Xu Xiyan made a random excuse. She took over the bug and said, “It was not activated. I suppose Xia was about to place it somewhere in Mr. President’s room and bug their conversation.”

“Right. So now we’d better figure out who the source is.”

“That’s not a big deal. But I need some tools.”

Xu Xiyan used to learn hacking from her Eldest Brother Jun Yan. It was a piece of cake for her to deal with bugging.

“Sure. Name it and I’ll get it for you.”

Xu Xiyan asked Jin Xiu to bring her some tools so that she could find the source of the bugging.

She wanted Jin Xiu to know who had been hacking Mr. President and have them pay enough attention to the issue.

Xu Xiyan started searching for bugging devices downstairs, while Jin Xiu delivered a new round of tea to the President and his guests.

After the episode today, he had to do, himself, whatever the president needed.

When he presented the tea, they had already started their conversation.

Helian Wei sat on the couch and asked, “I heard from Qingyu that you are going to Lstan again. What’s your plan?”

“Frankly, we are going to save Jing Xi’s mother.”

Huo Yunshen told him the truth.

If he had doubts when Helian Qingyu said that Jing Ruyue was still alive, now he finally believed it from the third person.

And he was deeply shocked again.

His Xiao Yueliang was still alive! What a blessing!

He pretended to be calm while he’d already burst into tears in his heart. “Jing Xi’s mother passed away more than a decade ago. How could she be in Lstan now?”

“Mr. President should know Mo Xie better than I do. He deceived everyone else many years ago and took Jing Xi’s mother away. My wife was kidnapped to Lstan last time, and she saw her mother in the castle on Ghost Island herself. She has been in a coma throughout these years and is being kept in the basement of that castle.”

Upon hearing this, Helian Wei clenched his fists tighter with resentment.

From the movie The Perfect Scenery, he came to know Mo Xie and Lady Camellia’s plot. But he did not realize that her death was a part of their plan.

He thought his woman had died more than a decade ago. But she had actually been lying in that gloomy castle on Ghost Island all these years!

What did Mo Xie do to her?

Why had she been in coma?

Knowing that his Xiao Yueliang had been kept in danger down in that gloomy world, he felt like being set on fire. He wished he could go and rescue her right away.

“OK. Tell me about your plan. I’ll do whatever I can to help.”

Helian Wei would rather go

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