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Chapter 1206: His Hidden Identity

“Very well!”

Finishing his cigarette, Qi Zhengming stood up and said, “To destroy the Dark power and restore the Dragon Kingdom…it has always been your destiny.”

“What? My destiny?”

He was absolutely determined to destroy the Dark Zone. But how did he have anything to do with restoring the Dragon Kingdom?

Qi Zhengming gazed at him with flames in his eyes and said, “Yunshen, do you know where the child in the mural was sent after the queen gave birth to him?

Huo Yunshen was confused and shook his head.

“His Majesty entrusted his son to me during the crisis. I went through a lot but finally managed to get him out of the Dragon Kingdom.”

“What happened then?”

“Then I gave him to my best friend, whom you know well.”


“His name is…Huo Zhen.”

When he said this Qi Zhengmin’s eyes were filled with tears. He put on a more complicated look when he gazed at Huo Yunshen.

He said that he took the son of the former king of Dragon Kingdom to Estan and gave him to his father. He also said that it was his destiny to restore the Dragon Kingdom. What does that mean?

Could that mean…

Huo Yunshen was almost speechless. “Uncle Ming, do you mean…”

“Absolutely right! You are the child who was sent away!”

Huo Yunshen: “…”

He could not describe his feeling now. His master just told him that he was the child that was sent away.

Which meant he was adopted by the Huo Family?

But he was undoubtedly given birth to by his mother after the long labor. How could he be adopted?

Huo Yunshen could not figure it out.

Qi Zhengming continued, “His Majesty asked me to take you away and made me promise to keep your identity a secret forever. He wanted to give you an ordinary life, being away from the cruelty and conflicts. When I found Huo Zhen, his wife was giving birth to a dead baby. In order to prevent his wife from being heartbroken, he treated you as their own son. Therefore no one ever had any doubt over your identity.”

No wonder. No wonder the Huo family cherished him so much.

Probably even his mother was not aware that he was adopted.

“So why have you waited all these years to tell me the truth now?”

Huo Yunshen still found it hard to believe. With his father gone, he could confirm it from no one else. It was merely Qi Zhengming’s claim.

“Because you came to me with the imperial jade seal of the Dragon Kingdom, which means it’s time.”

Qi Zhengming suddenly kneeled in front of Huo Yunshen.

“Uncle Ming, get up! What are you doing?”

Seeing his master kneeling in front of him, Huo Yunshen could only try to get him up.

But Qi Zhengming refused. He raised his head with tears in his eyes and said, “Your Highness, if His Majesty could see you grow up into a responsible man, he would definitely smile in his grave.”

Qi Zhengming felt so grateful for the Huo family who gave Huo Yunshen the best upbringing and the best quali

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