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Chapter 1211: Likeable

Ying Bao could not make out whether her father was happy or not, but she tried to be helpful.

“I think it’s good to have another daddy,” Ying Bao said. “He can take care of me so that you and mummy can have some rest.”

“I see… Sure, if you want to,” Huo Yunshen smiled as he rubbed his daughter’s head.

Helian QIngyu sat quietly, waiting for Ying Bao to call him daddy,

Ying Bao turned to Helian QIngyu and said, “Third Dada!”

“What? Say that again,” Helian Qingyu requested.

“Third Dada.”

“No, no. It should be Third Daddy!”

“Yup, Third Dada.”

“It’s Daddy!”



“Yes?” Ying Bao replied with a smile.


Helian Qingyu finally realized that the little was just playing with him.

“You little… How dare you make fun of me!” Helian Qingyu laughed as he pinched Ying Bao’s cheek.

Ying Bao laughed slowly as Helian Qingyu realized that the kid was very likable.

He couldn’t help but imagine how his life would be if Li Ruochu were still by his side, and if they had a child.

It made him regret wanting her to get rid of the baby, which he thought was another man’s.

After sending Ying Bao to the school, the two adults went to Estan’s marine port.

“I had my men check on the systems on Lan Ling’er’s ship, and we have a breakthrough,” Helian QIngyu told Huo Yunshen as they boarded the ship.

Helian QIngyu asked the captain to steer the ship to the Dark Sea’s border, and they parked it there, switching off the engine.

Without any power or wind, the ship remained unmoved on the water.

“We are completely in stasis now,” Helian Qingyu explained. “I’ll have them turn on the special system and let’s see what will happen.”

With the general’s order, the captain turned on the system, and their ship began to move towards the Dark Sea on its own. Both Helian QIngyu and Huo Yunshen knew which direction the ship was moving towards: it was the island country that resided in the Dark Sea.

After they had switched off the system, Helian Qingyu continued, “The system operates on the magnetic force around us. As long as we have this in our hands, we can easily go through Lstan’s barrier.”

“I have a plan,” Huo Yunshen said as he nodded. “I have to get into Lstan to save Jing Xi’s mother. Looks like you have to charm your way with Lan Ling’er again.”

“No problem!”

Helian Qingyu knew what Huo Yunshen was asking him to do. Huo Yunshen was hoping that he could persuade Lan Ling’er to bring them into Lstan again.

As soon as they left the port, Helian Qingyu went straight looking for Lan Ling’er.

Lan Ling’er was shooting a movie when she got news of the general’s arrival, and she was excited.

“General!” Lan Ling’er greeted as soon as she got into Helian QIngyu’s car. “What brings you here?”

“To check up on you.”

“Thank you, I’m doing well.” Lan Ling’er smiled.

“Come on, let’s have lunch together. What do you want to eat?”

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