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Chapter 1198: As Long As He Could Pull Himself Together

In Mingjue Pub, they opened the door to the private room and were immediately overwhelmed by the smell of liquor.

Empty bottles were scattered on the table, and a person was lying pickled on the couch. His collar was loosened, his hair tangled and his beard unkempt.

It was completely unlike the self-disciplined Helian Qingyu.

“Hey, Qingyu, why are you so drunk again?”

Gu Yici came to him and snatched the liquor and glass.

Helian Qingyu tried to get up for his liquor. “Give me my liquor… I want one more…”

“Look at yourself! Where is our general? If the enemy attacked Estan right now, how could you lead your army to defend the country? Listen to me! No more liquor! Time to wake up!”

Gu Yici murmured like an old maid and tried to pull him up.

“Gu Yici! I order you to hand me the liquor!”

Helian Qingyu yelled and burped. How drunk he was.

Gu Yici ignored his request, found a clean glass and poured some for Huo Yunshen. “Bro, take a seat.”

Huo Yunshen sat down by Helian Qingyu. Sensing the sinking on the couch, Helian Qingyu turned to realize that Huo Yunshen was there.


The drunkard placed his hand on his shoulder and asked, “When did you come? Perfect timing. Let’s drink together.”

Huo Yunshen turned to shoot a glance at him. “I didn’t come here for liquor. I came for business. But do you look like you can talk business?”

“No… no business. I’m not in the mood.”

Upon saying so Helian Qingyu lay back into the couch and closed his eyes.

Ever since Li Ruochu went missing, Helian Qingyu had been mentally broken. He was extremely depressed and could only indulge himself in liquor.

“You are acting like this just because of Li Ruochu?”

Huo Yunshen knew he was trapped in love. He took a sip and asked him deliberately.

Helian Qingyu reopened his eyes and sat up to his own defense. “How couldn’t I? You are not me. You have no idea how important she is to me.”

“Since she is so important, why did you do nothing but hurting her when she was around?”


Helian Qingyu could not even think of one argument.

Now that she was gone, he had the chance to see through his feelings, and started to feel regret.

But what’s the point now?

He had no idea where Li Ruochu was hiding. He had searched throughout Estan but found no clues at all.

But Huo Yunshen did. It was he and Jing Xi who had helped her get away.

In Huo Yunshen’s opinion, the main reason for Li Ruochu’s running away was Helian Qingyu himself.

If only he had been slightly nicer to her, how could she have run away?

Right now he had better reflect on himself. Otherwise, even if Li Ruochu would come back he could never win her heart again.

After two rounds Huo Yunshen was about to leave. Before he stepped out of the room, he said, “Should you still want to find Li Ruochu, help pull yourself together. If you keep giving up on yo

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