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Chapter 1185: Don’t Leave

Yi Xiao was left back at home to take care of the baby while Fang Xiaocheng went to the dinner.

“Let me look at my godson!” Xu Xiyan said when she finally saw the baby. “Looks like you’ve grown a lot since I last saw you!”

“It’s all thanks to Yi Xiao,” Fang Xiaocheng said. “If not for him, I really would have no idea how to raise the kid.”

“You’re right, we really have to thank him,” Xu Xiyan agreed.

Yi Xiao was laughing awkwardly as he thought that it was all thanks to the kid being very sweet and obedient.

“It’ll be hard to meet with you and Ying Bao once you leave,” Fang Xiaocheng suddenly said.

“We have no choice… I don’t want to leave Peijing either…”

“Yi Xiao will leave with you too, right?” Fang Xiaocheng asked as she looked at Yi Xiao.

“Yes.” Xu Xiyan nodded, since Yi Xiao was Huo Yunshen’s right-hand man.

“I won’t know what to do if he really leaves,” Fang Xiaocheng sighed.

Fang Xiaocheng was worried that she would not be able to take care of the kid alone if Yi Xiao really left.

“How ’bout you come to Estan with us?” Xu Xiyan suggested.

“No, I don’t want to give you more troubles than you already have.”

Since Fang Xiaocheng insisted on not leaving, Xu Xiyan did not persuade her any further and decided to discuss the matter with Huo Yunshen.

When they went back to Room 101, Xu Xiyan told Huo Yunshen the matter and they both came to an agreement that Yi Xiao could stay behind.

Since Huo Sanyan would be following Ye Xun to Estan, Juxing Entertainment would lose its CEO. They both believed that Yi Xiao was the perfect man for the job.

And so they decided to let Yi Xiao stay behind.

After taking care of everything in Zstan, the family was finally set to leave the country for good.

All of their friends came to say goodbye at the airport.

Ever since Tang Feimo had learned from his parents that Ying Bao would be migrating to Estan, he had been unable to eat for days.

He was worried that Ying Bao would forget about him and find herself a new boy.

“Cherry… I will miss you a lot…” Tang Feimo cried.

“Brother Feimo… Me too…” Ying Bao said as she walked into Tang Feimo’s arms and hugged him.

They hugged each other as if they were a couple, not wanting to leave each other.

After they separated from each other, Tang Feimo took the jade necklace from his neck and hung it on Ying Bao’s neck.

“This is my treasure,” Tang Feimo said. “It’s yours now. you have to take good care of it, okay?”

When Tang Yitan noticed that his son was giving the Tang family’s heirloom to Ying Bao, he could only look at Liang Lan with looks of despair.

“I will!” Ying Bao smiled as she looked at the necklace.

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