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Chapter 1190: Pure Luck

Getting no response from Ye Xun, Huo Sanyan kept swinging his arm and rushed him.

“Ye Xu! Mr. Ye! Master Ye! … Do something! Do something, please…”

“What else can we do!? Let’s go looking for her separately!”

Ye Xu threw away the drinks and left Huo Sanyan in search of Ying Bao separately.

He ran to the service center to broadcast for Ying Bao.

The broadcast repeated while Ye Xun and Huo Sanyan searched for the kid desperately.

On the other side of the zoo, several men disguised as cleaning staff kidnapped Ying Bao and hid her inside a huge blue trash bin. They were about to sneak her out of the zoo.

“We are purely lucky! We got her with no effort!” the driver said excitedly.

“Indeed. When we finish this task, we are definitely getting a promotion!” the man sitting next to him added, while the rest in the back smiled in satisfaction and fancied their promotion.

They thought they had succeeded and accelerated to take the kid to the wharf.

But they were unexpectedly stopped and encircled by a few cars on their way to the wharf.

“What’s going on?”

The driver asked around while everyone else looked at him no less confused.

Then they saw a slim young figure getting out of the car in front of them. He was merely sixteen or seventeen, but seemed aristocratic and determined.

He waved for his retinues to get out of the cars and immediately encircled the people in the vehicle.

The door was pulled open, and the people in the vehicle were dragged out before they could take out their guns to counter.

They took them down at lightning speed.

The vehicle was stopped, and they found the kid inside the trash bin.

“Your Highness, here she is.” the butler reported to the young man.

The slim young man came over and saw a little girl huddled in the dead twigs and leaves.

“Your Highness, shall we bring her back to Northland?” the butler asked.


The young man refused without hesitation. He picked up the girl from the dead twigs and leaves, held her in his arms and helped her clean her hair.

His clear and chill gaze fell upon her little face, while his lips slighted curled up.

She was as cute and warm as he had seen in the live streaming.

She was the first ray of sunshine in his life. How he wished he could take her back to Northland. But if he did so, how would he be different from the kidnappers?

“So what shall we do now?” the butler asked again.

“Head back.”

Upon giving the order, the young man got the girl into the car and they headed back to the zoo.

On their bumpy way back Ying Bao was gradually awakened and saw a young stranger in front of her eyes.

“Hi, you.”

The young man saw her awake and spoke gently.

Ying Bao tried to get up from his arms and looked around in panic. But upon a second look at this young man, she found that he did not seem to be a bad guy.

Ying Bao thought it was him who had her k

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