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Chapter 1221: Assaulted

The two bodyguards tried to grab Xu Xiyan, and she defended herself.

Taking down the two bodyguards was not a problem for Xu Xiyan, but what troubled her was Helian Chen himself.

They exchanged punches for a few rounds, and Xu Xiyan was pinned to the wall in the end.

Xu Xiyan had her face facing the wall while Helian Chen locked her legs with his knees and her hands with his.

“What can you do now? Huh?” Helian Chen whispered beside Xu Xiyan’s ear.

“Let me go, or you’ll regret it!” Xu Xiyan warned as she struggled.

“You really are the first person who dares to talk like that to me! But let me tell you this: you’ve already got my attention. Now, I really want to try what another man tastes like!”

Xu Xiyan was in a dire situation and tried to scream for help, but Helian Chen had his other hand over her mouth.

She knew that if Helian Chen found out that she was a woman, he would’ve never let her go.

Just as Helian Chen was about to undo Xu Xiyan’s clothes, he could feel someone closing in behind him. Before he could even react, the person kicked him and sent him flying to the door.

Helian Chen steadied himself and realized that the person who had kicked him was the Movie King who came with Helian Qingyu, Huo Yunshen.

Helian Chen began to suspect that both Huo Yunshen and Jun Yan were actually a gay couple.

The moment Xu Xiyan regained her freedom, she ran and hid behind her husband.

Huo Yunshen could not believe that his wife had almost been sexually assaulted again even when she was dressed up as a man.

“You dare pick a fight on my…” Huo Yunshen paused before continuing. “Man?”

Xu Xiyan turned her head and looked at Huo Yunshen, as what he’d just said felt too weird.

“So what? You’re going to die anyway!” Helian Chen scolded and tried to punch him, thinking that Huo Yunshen only knew a few martial arts moves from his acting career.

But beyond his expectation, Huo Yunshen caught his punch and threw him back to the floor.

Helian Chen climbed back up and smiled. “Not bad! Looks like you’ve trained before. Come on!”

Helian Chen launched another attack, but Huo Yunshen did not hold back and threw him back to the ground, before raining down on his face with punches.

“Stop! Stop!” Helian Chen begged as he cowered in pain.

“Helian Chen!” Huo Yunshen shouted. “You better not lay another finger on him again! If you do, I’ll make sure that you never see the daylight again!”

Helian Chen nodded quietly, not even daring to utter another word.

With everything taken care of, Huo Yunshen grabbed Xu Xiyan’s hand and they left the bathroom together.

“Oh my god! You were really cool back there!” Xu Xiyan praised.

“You’re not allowed to look that good when you go out in the future!” Huo Yunshen turned and scolded.

“Fine, fine! I’ll pretend to be an old grandma next time.”

“What if you attract some weird old man?” Huo Yunshen said, rec

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