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Chapter 1208: A Pretty Girl

Huo Yunshen was typing fast and focusing on hacking the system, while Qi Zhengming looked at him and nodded from time to time in satisfaction.

The day had finally come. Soon enough their Dragon Kingdom would regain its glory.

Huo Yunshen kept trying and researching for more than half an hour, and eventually hacked into the system.

The auto-defense system was shut down, and the geothermal energy system was launched.

Thundering sounds were heard around them.

“You did it! Your Highness!”

Qi Zhengming burst into tears of joy.

Huo Yunshen stood up and hugged Qi Zhengming. Then he said, “Uncle Ming, please just call me Yunshen, OK?”

It felt weird to be called “Your Highness.” And the Dragon Kingdom was far from being restored. It was too early for that title.

“I see. Yunshen.”

“Uncle Ming, now the geothermal energy system is launched. How long will it take to melt the ice?”

“It depends. It could take a couple of months, or years… It’s hard to predict.”

After all, the Dragon Kingdom was a vast country and the ice field had covered it for such a long time. It was not realistic to have it uncovered in a short period of time.

“Well then, shall we get out of here now?”

Huo Yunshen wanted to get out right away. He did not want his wife to be worried outside.

“Sure. Let’s go.”

The two of them left the underground control room together.

In front of the building.

Xu Xiyan and her two brothers had been waiting for them. It was not so boring with Dingding’s company.

But a while ago they felt a slight quake from under the ground. It seemed like an earthquake, but disappeared in a few seconds.

“It shouldn’t be an earthquake.”

According to his knowledge of the Dragon Kingdom, Ye Xun was pretty sure that they were not standing somewhere with frequent plate movement. There had never been an earthquake.

“Dad! Dad!”

Dingding was calling his dad again and ran toward the buildling.

Following Dingding, they saw Huo Yunshen and Qi Zhenmging coming out.


Xu Xiyan came to him and asked, “What took you so long? We thought there was an earthquake.”

“No worries. Uncle Ming and I were figuring out something down there.”

Huo Yunshen got hold of Xu Xiyan’s hands and looked into her eyes.

Seeing them holding hands, Qi Zhengming could not help staring at Huo Yunshen and feeling shocked. “Yunshen, aren’t you already married? You two…”

Huo Yunshen cuddled Xu Xiyan and said, “Uncle Ming, I should have introduced her properly. This is my wife, Jing Xi.”

“Hi, Uncle Ming.”

Xu Xiyan applied her normal voice to greet him.

Then Qi Zhengming realized that she was a girl disguised as a man.

“Good, good. I’ve heard a lot about you. Let’s get inside.”

In Qi Zhengming’s eyes, Jing Xi was already their future queen. He had heard about their story and liked Jing Xi too.

A few steps further, Qi Zhengming saw a

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