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Chapter 1218: It Had Always Been Her!

“You can try my patience. I’ll only count to three.”

Helian Wei turned to leave and said, “One!”

Old Man Xia started sweating and was quickly soaking wet.


Mr. President was about to reach the door. But if he told him the truth, would Mrs. President give him another chance?


Before Helian Wei finished the word, Old Man Xia rushed to say, “OK, OK, Mr. President, I’ll tell you what I know…”

From Old Man Xia, Helian Wei came to know a series of terrifying facts.

Yun Xuerou had been spying on him since many years ago. She knew whatever he was after.

She had informants all over the presidential palace.

Old Man Xia had heard a lot from Yun Xuerou too.

For instance, she had planned the fire in the theatre in Estan.

She secretly banned The Perfect Scenery nationwide and made it vanish from the market.

She had her assistant Eugene follow Jin Xiu and replace the result of the test.

And so on and so forth.

It had always been that woman!

Helian Wei recalled the series of happenings and realized that each time he had tried to visit Zstan, there was an emergency that kept him from leaving.

Now it turned out to be her conspiracy rather than coincidence.

It had always been her who tried whatever she could to stop him from finding the truth about Jing Ruyue’s death. That was the reason for all her evil deeds.

Helian Wei grew outraged upon hearing the truth.

He had always been trying to be a good leader and provide his people with a better country. But his so-called wife had been committing all those horrible crimes.

How many innocent people had died because of her selfishness!

He rushed to the red chamber carrying his anger.

It was the first time he stepped into the red chamber throughout the years.

Inside the red chamber, Yun Xuerou was waiting for the signal from Old Man Xia’s bug. But she got nothing.

“Eugene, go find Xia and ask him what is going on. Why didn’t we hear anything so far?” Yun Xuerou asked Eugene.

“Yes, madam.”

Eugene took her order. But before he could turn around someone announced at the door, “No need.”

The two in the room turned at the same time and found Helian Wei standing at the door. They screamed as if they had seen a ghost.

Yun Xuerou rushed to cover the bugging devices and stood up, “Helian… what brings you here?”

It was such a surprise.

She had never expected Helian Wei to come to the red chamber. She had sent for him with various kinds of excuses throughout the years, but he never came even once.

What was he doing here today?

“I want to know what you are doing.”

Helian Wei entered the room step by step, with a chilling coldness that could almost pierce their skin.

Yun Xuerou tried to pretend to be calm. She dispelled Eugene and smiled. “What could I be doing? You never came whenever I’ve sent for you. What brought you here today?”


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