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Chapter 1205: Responsible

Qi Zhengming got up and went to the mountain behind his hut with Huo Yunshen. He flicked a switch, and a hidden door opened, leading to a secret passage.

Even though Huo Yunshen had been to Ling Island quite a few times, he had no idea that such a door existed.

Qi Zhengming handed Huo Yunshen a flashlight and turned his own on. They walked through the long-hidden passage until they reached the exit.

From the exit, Huo Yunshen could see an enormous space when Qi Zhengming lit up the oil lamp. In the middle of the area was a palace.

Even though it was a palace, to Huo Yunshen’s eyes, it looked more like an underground tomb.

It actually was a palace, but because it was covered by ice, the castle looked like it was resting in an underground tomb.

Huo Yunshen looked at the weird drawings on the wall and asked, “Uncle Ming, what is this place?”

“This is the Dragon Kingdom’s emperor’s resting place, a palace to remember the fallen emperors,” Qi Zhengming explained. “The drawings on the wall are the kingdom’s history. You should be able to understand everything once you go through them.”

Qi Zhengming sat down and began to smoke while Huo Yunshen started to go through the paintings on the wall.

The paintings began with the establishment of the kingdom, followed by the stories of different emperors, and ending with the civil war.

The last few paintings depicted how Long Xie overthrow the kingdom with his Dark Zone army while the empress was about to give birth. While Long Rui was with his wife, Long Xie took the chance and bombarded the castle walls.

When the empress successfully gave birth to their heir, Long Rui went to defend his home with his guards but was wounded in the battle.

To protect the emperor’s bloodline, Long Rui had his son sent away from the kingdom.

In the end, a massive number of the kingdom’s people, along with their emperor and empress, died in that battle.

After he overthrew the throne, Long Xie planned to establish a new government in the kingdom. Yet his plan was put to a halt when the kingdom’s self-defense mechanism started and made the whole country a huge freezer.

In just a few days, ice and snow covered the kingdom, forcing the Dark Zone back into the Dark Sea.

After that, Long Xie also tried to attack Estan but was defeated by Helian Wei with his army.

That was how Long Xie decided to build Lstan in the Dark Sea, among the thousand islands.

Huo Yunshen could only feel rage and anger towards Long Xie and Long Xiao after he learned the whole story.

He thought of all the innocent people that were killed by them.

Jing Xi’s mother, who was still held prisoner by Long Xie.

His parents and grandfather, who had been murdered.

And his wife, who had almost been taken away from him forever.

They were also responsible for destroying his master’s country.

“Uncle Ming,” Huo Yunshen turned and said. “Long Xie destro

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