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Chapter 1210: That Merciless Woman

In a word, she lived in happiness and worry every day.

A while later, a guard reported, “Your Majesty, His Highness Long Xie would like to invite the Queen to the Ghost Island.”

Mo Yutian knew that his father wanted Jing Xi to meet Jing Ruyue again.

But Jing Xi should not travel much now. So he told his subordinate, “Tell my father that Jing Xi is not feeling well. We’ll visit him another day.”

The guard left, and Mo Yutian stayed with his queen.

Since then, he’d spent most of his time with Jing Xi.

He treated her even more carefully and they felt even more deeply attached.

He waited for the birth of their child. Once the child was born, Jing Xi would never want to leave again. And there would be no need for him to take Ying Bao to her.

The day after they returned from the border, Helian Qingyu came to them.

Huo Yunshen was about to take her daughter to school.

“Morning, Bro!”

Helian Qingyu sat in his military jeep outside Yunjing Villa and waved at them.

“No more drinks today?”

Huo Yunshen taunted him deliberately.

“Ha, I couldn’t be more sober!”

Helian Qingyu coughed awkwardly and jumped out of the car. He stood in Ying Bao’s way and opened his arms, “Come here! Give uncle a hug!”

Ying Bao immediately held her arms and stood on alert, “Uncle, I know you are very good-looking. But don’t you think that it’s improper for a man and a woman to get too close in public?”


Helian Qingyu almost passed out. He felt shocked and wondered how such a little girl could know that much.

Helian Qingyu wiped his face and said, “Hey, little girl, uncle and your daddy are pals. I’m namely your second daddy. Can’t you give second daddy a hug?”

Helian Qingyu played a honey trap with her in vain.

The little girl pouted and said, “I already have daddy and Uncle Tree-Leaf. I don’t need another daddy. If uncle wants a girl, you should have your wife make one for you!”


Helian Qingyu felt like more than passing out.

How hurtful that was!

He had to have a wife first!

Well, he did have one previously. But they had divorced long ago. And that merciless woman went missing with the unborn baby.

“Well, well, well, you kiddy, I can never catch you.”

Helian Qingyu had to give up and turned to Huo Yunshen with a broken heart. “Bro, get in the car. I’ll take you to school.”

Huo Yunshen did not decline his offer and took Ying Bao into the convertible jeep.

On their way to school, Ying Bao leaned on the window, enjoyed the wind and yelled in excitement, “Uncle, your car is so cool!”

“Do you want to come for a ride in uncle’s car more frequently? I have bigger and cooler ones like tanks.”

Helian Qingyu seized the opportunity.

“Sure! Sure!”

“Then call me Third Daddy. And your Third Daddy will take you on another ride soon!”

Helian Qingyu would never give up.

Ying Bao turned to her own dad and

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