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Chapter 1202: Something Weird

Everyone else was wondering how they could get in, while Huo Yunshen kept wiping the snow off the door with his glove. Soon enough the ice surface was revealed.

They all saw the letters on it.

Others could not read the language of the Dragon Kingdom, but Ye Xun could because he was from here. He read them out subconsciously.

“Given for any smooth directed closed surface S there is ∮∮x f ( y ) dy dz + y f ( x ) dz dx – z [ b+ f ( x + y )] dx dy. What would be f (2010).”

When he had finished reading, he could not help yelling, “What the f… This is freaky! How are we supposed to solve a Further Maths problem before we can get in?”

Ye Xun could not imagine what kind of person Qi Zhengming was. But in terms of posting a math question on the door, he must be unprecedented.

What a freak!

Jun Yan frowned. “I know the answer to one plus one. But Further Maths? No way!”

He supposed Xu Xiyan was better at this and turned to her. “Little Xi, could you do this?”

Xu Xiyan had forgotten all these things from way back. How could she be able to solve such a complicated problem now?

While everyone else felt desperate, Huo Yunshen had already started solving the problem on the ice surface with his dagger.

By applying the gauss formula, he got the result f(2010)=2010a-2009b.

While he was focusing on solving the problem, the rest were all amazed.

That was the bitter fact of the difference between a star student and a poor one.

It turned out that their boss was also a math genius!

Xu Xiyan could not admire her man more. In short, he was a versatile genius who knew literally everything, even how to solve such a complicated problem. What a star!

When the answer was provided, the ice door was automatically opened. It was dazzlingly bright inside and they were all forced to squint.

“Let’s get inside.”

Huo Yunshen got hold of Xu Xiyan’s hand and stepped in.

Jun Yan followed. But it felt weird to see his boss holding the hand of someone identical to him.

Ye Xun followed, and so did the others.

They entered the Spirit Island and discovered a whole new world.

It seemed the island was enveloped by a huge glass shield. There was no wind nor snow, but rather a paradise with charming flora.

“What the f…”

Ye Xun could not help but cry out again, “How could it be possible?”

In the lush grassland cute rabbits were running around, and butterflies were dancing on the blossoms.

On the far-off peak, waterfalls flew straight down while gurgling streams traveled through the forest. It was beyond everyone’s imagination.

“It must be our imagination!”

Jun Yan was completely surprised to find such a paradise under the ice world.

“Must be an illusion!”

Xu Xiyan could not trust her own eyes. It was a world of snow out there. How could it be like this now?

It felt like they had entered a world of magic.

It was warm and cozy here while

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