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Chapter 1184: A Completely Different Person

“Well, well, I’ll wait for my two great-grandchildren!”

Getting out of grandfather’s home, Xu Xiyan and Huo Yunshen went to take care of their own matters respectively.

Huo Yunshen assigned the Jingyue Group completely to Xiao Yuqian, and the Huo Group to Tang Yichen. They were both given the title of CEO in order to run the companies on his behalf.

Xu Xiyan handed Jinxi Studio over to Lu Zeyan. After all these years, the studio was handed back to Lu Zeyan again.

He had already won some fame after directing the last two films. It would bring a lot more business for the studio.

Upon finishing all these matters, the husband and wife called a few friends for a party.

Their friends in Peijing had not even had a proper meal because of the bombing at their wedding.

Huo Yunshen and Xu Xiyan called them together today for a makeup.

They saw Ma Haodong at the party. He looked like a completely different person now.

He seemed charming and well-established in his tailored suit, much more responsible than his previous wild self.

“Jing Xi, Mr. Huo, finally.”

They had all been worried since the tragedy of the Huo Family. Ma Haodong tried to inquire about Jing Xi but never heard anything. Fortunately, she was back now.

“It has not been a long while. But President Ma must have been doing great! And the Rongma Group must be thriving under your guidance!” Xu Xiyan praised.

“Well, I’m just working hard for my family!”

Ma Haodong glanced at Xiao Yuxian and tried to cuddle her. But she sneaked away.

Xu Ziyan was worried about this quarrelsome couple. When could they get married?

“Dong, you have to work harder!”

Xu Xiyan patted him on his shoulder and warned.

“For sure. No worries. Wait for our wedding invitation,” Ma Haodong stated confidently.

Following them came Huang Guoqiang and Qi Liya. They had always been an admirable and affectionate couple.

Xu Xiyan escorted them to their seats, then Mu Chenguang and Wan Dou arrived.

“Sister Jing Xi!”

Wan Dou darted into her arms upon seeing Jing Xi.

God knew how she had missed and worried about her.

“Wan Dou, let me see. Wow, you are even prettier after such a short while. Love is indeed a woman’s best friend!” Xu Xiyan smiled.

She held Wan Dou’s shoulder and looked at her for a good while.

“Hush, what love? Don’t make fun of me!”

Wan Dou and Mu Chenguang had been seeing each other for a while and the chemistry was building up. It might not take long for them to officially become a couple.

Then Fang Xiaocheng and Tang Yichen, as well as Ye Xun, Ni Xue and Huo Sanyan all arrived.

All their friends were here. But it seemed a bit sad as they knew it was a farewell party.

They all wanted to know if Jing Xi would continue pursuing her acting career.

Xu Xiyan’s answer was that she would not consider it for the time being. Her focus would be on her family now.

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