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Chapter 1220: How Provocative

At the banquet, she ran into Helian Chen. And he recognized her as the young man who had messed up with him in front of the cafe last time.

Helian Chen stared at her rudely when he passed by. Huo Yunshen waited until he was gone and asked, “Why was that man staring at you?”

“Who knows? Perhaps he’s gay.”

Xu Xiyan did not dare to tell her husband about her heroic deed that day. And Huo Yunshen took it seriously that Helian Chen was gay. Because he found that man staring very inappropriately at Jing Xi who was disguised as a man.

While they were talking, Ouyang Feifei saw Jun Yan and came to greet him. “Hey, Mr. Jun. I wasn’t expecting you to be here.”

The young woman stared at him with her eyes glowing. She was definitely into him.

Huo Yunshen found this very inappropriate.

Fine. Now he wanted to hide his wife again.

How could she be so charming? Either as a woman or a man, she was too charming to be exposed to the public.

The guests were almost here. President Helian Wei and his wife Yun Xuerou showed up, followed by the newly engaged couple.

Helian Qingyu was featurely handsome in his uniform, while Lan Ling-Er looked gorgeous in her luxurious gown. They seemed a perfect couple.

They got engaged with the presence of many journalists.

Helian Qingyu was expressionless all the way through. No one could tell what he was thinking about.

It was probably only Lan Ling-Er herself that felt happy about the engagement.

When he helped her put on the engagement ring, Lan Ling-Er felt like she was the happiest woman in the world.

Xu Xiyan went to the restroom during the ceremony.

In order to avoid troubles, she went to the men’s room instead. But when she came out she found a huge figure blocking her way.

She tried to see his face clearly and was shocked at the sight of Helian Chen.

Did he come for revenge?

“Master Chen, what do you want?”

Xu Xiyan was on alert.

“What do you think I want? You ruined my day earlier on. Now that I’ve got you here, what do you suggest I should do?”

Helian Chen lifted her chin and flirted.

“Master Chen, someone like you should never bother yourself with someone like me. Could you let me go?”

Xu Xiyan turned away from his fingers.

“I will consider your suggestion if you make me satisfied.”

Helian Chen was stunned when staring at him. This man was way too beautiful.

How could a man be more beautiful than a woman? It was pure seduction.

Plus he smelled faintly good. It was too provocative.

“I have no idea what you mean, Master Chen.”

Xu Xiyan found him so disgusting. She felt like vomiting at the sight of the hypocritical Helian Chen.

“I heard it feels much better to have intercourse with a man. I’ve always wanted to try.”


Way too disgusting!

It turned out that Helian Chen was a bi-sexual freak!

Upon saying that, Helian Chen tried to push her back

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