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Chapter 1191: Careless

“I’m here to save you,” the teen explained. “I’m going to take you back to your family now.”

“Okay! Thank you,” Ying Bao smiled, showing the dimples on her face.

“Cherry Baby, can I have your autograph?” the teen asked.

Is he my fan? Ying Bao asked herself.

The teen wasn’t in any way scary to the little girl. On the contrary, she thought that he was friendly.

“I don’t know how to write my name yet,” Ying Bao said. “Can I draw you a picture instead?”

“Of course,” the teen smiled and gave Ying Bao a pen and his notebook.

Ying Bao drew something on the notebook and gave it back to the teen.

“Here, it’s done.”

The teen looked at the drawing, it was a cute girl with two cherries at the bottom.

“Thank you, it’s pretty,” the teen said while rubbing Ying Bao’s head.

After a few minutes, they arrived at the zoo. The teen remained in the car while he asked his butler to take Ying Bao to her family.

“Thank you, uncle,” Ying Bao turned and said while waving her hand.

“Goodbye.” The teen smiled back as he watched Ying Bao leave.

Ye Xun and Huo Sanyan had looked everywhere, but they still could not find Ying Bao.

After the zoo’s management was informed that a kid was missing, they had been putting extra security at the gates to make sure no child left with strangers.

The management had also been broadcasting about a missing kid, but no report had come in.

“What should we do now?” Ye Xun asked himself, wondering what to tell Huo Yunshen about the situation.

“What now?” Huo Sanyan asked while she broke down. “She must’ve been abducted. How could I be so careless? I shouldn’t have left her alone…”

Just as they were about to contact Huo Yunshen and JS, they suddenly got a call from the management office.

The moment Ye Xun hung up the call, he grabbed Huo Sanyan by her hand and ran towards the management office.

“Hurry up!” Ye Xun said. “They found her.”

They ran as fast as they could to the office and found a kid sitting in it.

The kid was Ying Bao, the girl they’d been searching for.

“Ying Bao!” both of them shouted.

Ying Bao heard Ye Xun’s voice and jumped down from the chair, running into Ye Xun’s arms.

“Where have you been? We were so worried!” Ye Xun asked as tears rolled down his cheeks.

Ying Bao was like a daughter to Ye Xun, losing her was traumatizing for him.

Huo Sanyan was also equally worried as the strength left her legs and she sat down on the floor.

“Someone took me when I was playing,” Ying Bao said. “They took me away in a trash bin.”

“What? Then how did you come back?” Ye Xun asked as a chill ran down his spine.

“An uncle saved me and brought me back.”

“What uncle? What’s his name?”

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