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Chapter 1186: A Lifetime Promise

“From now on you will think of me everyday. Promise me you’ll never forget me, and call me whenever you can, OK?”


“Most importantly, when I’m not around, do remember you cannot hang out with other boys! You have to remember you are only mine!”

“Sure, brother.”

“That’s not enough. We have to do a pinky swear.”

Tang Feimo was so worried that his cute little girl would be stolen from him. He had to make her promise.


Ying Bao kept nodding and agreeing to whatever he suggested, more than ready.

The two little ones locked their pinkies and swore, “We’ll keep this promise for a hundred years. Whoever breaks it sucks!”

Upon finishing the swear, the little girl drew Tang Feimo closer and placed a firm kiss on his cheek.

In return, Tang Feimo got hold of Ying Bao’s little head, and kissed her on both cheeks, then her lips.

Although they had no idea why people should kiss, they followed whatever their parents did.

When one fell in love with another, it meant a lifetime promise to place a kiss upon each other’s lips.

“Remember, you can only kiss me from now on. Understand?” Tang Feimo urged once again.

“I know, I know.”

The conversion of the little ones amused their parents. Tang Feimo was already acting so dictatorially now. What would he do in the future?

When Ying Bao was gone, Tang Feimo seemed completely absentminded. He kept sighing on their way home.

The couple felt helpless seeing the little boy acting like this.

When being asked why he sighed, he answered, “Daddy and mommy, could you understand my feelings? How can I live without Ying Bao?”

His parents were speechless. “…”

Tang Feimo was so worried that he seemed to have grown up all of a sudden. After a long while, he seemed to have found a solution. “Daddy! Let’s move to Estan and be neighbors with Ying Bao again. Shall we?”

Tang Yichen almost passed out upon hearing those words.

My boy, are you assuming it would be as easy as buying groceries to move to another country?

They had already moved for Ying Bao once and that had cost them a lot!

Although they could not do as he wished, Tang Yichen told the boy, “We can always visit Ying Bao in Estan during your summer vacations.”

Fine, if that’s the only option.

At the airport, Xu Xiyan and her family got pleasantly aboard. But it was not the case for another couple.

Ye Xun dragged Huo Sanyan to the airport and wanted to take her to Estan as well. But Huo Sanyan refused to leave. “You go by yourself. Why do I have to go? I’m happy staying in Peijing, and won’t go anywhere.”

“You can’t stay here. I would be so worried to leave you in Peijing by yourself.”

Ye Xun had come to Estan not only to pick up his sister, but also Huo Sanyan. He could not leave her here alone.

But Huo Sanyan saw it as being more dreary to leave with Ye Xun.

This man was a dictator. He wanted a say in whatever she did, and set a lot of re

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