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Chapter 1217: It’s Her?

Even though JS’s army was highly skilled in ground warfare, their marine warfare capabilities were inferior to Estan.

“Of course! I’ll lead the team myself!” Helian Wei assured.

It was a chance for the President to participate in the battle himself, and he was not going to let the opportunity pass by.

But with the role he played and the responsibility he held, he could only keep his distance from the actual battlefield and intercept Mo Xie if needed.

Helian Qingyu opened the map of Estan’s marine defense and began to plan a route to take Lstan.

They began to make plans and work out countermeasures. With everything in place, all they had to do was wait for the engagement to happen.

It was then that Helian Wei finally understood why his son had decided to marry Lan Ling’er; it was all to save Jing Ruyue.

“Qingyu, sorry for putting you through this,” Helian Wei said as he patted his son’s shoulder.

“This is nothing, father,” Helian Qingyu smiled. “I have to repay Jing Xi the favor for saving me. You’re the one who taught me that no favor should go unpaid.”

“That’s my son! Hurry up and make any preparations needed and wait for my order.”

“Yes, sir!”

“See you soon, Mr. President.” Huo Yunshen also took his leave.

After they left, Le Xiu came to the White Tower to make reports on the bug that was planted in it.

“Who ordered Old Man Xia to plant the device?” Helian Wei asked.

“Please take a look at this,” Le Xiu said while he pointed at a screenshot on his computer screen. “This is the source of the bug.”

“This is… It’s her?” Helian Wei stammered as he could not believe his eyes.

He had never expected that the one who was spying on him was his own wife, Yun Xuerou.

“Where is Old Man Xia?”

“In interrogation.”

“I want to interrogate him myself.”


Le Xiu quickly made arrangements and brought Helian Wei to meet with Old Man Xia.

Old Man Xia was tied to a chair in the interrogation room, and he raised his head when he heard people coming in.

“Did he say anything?” Helian Wei asked the interrogator.

“No. His lips are sealed very tight.”

“Is that so?”

Helian Wei stopped in front of Old Man Xia and stared at the man, who was covered in blood.

“Why did you betray me?” Helian Wei asked.

It was hard for Helian Wei to believe it because the Xia family had been serving the Helian family for generations and had gained their trust.

“Mr. President… I’m sorry…” Old Man Xia finally began to speak when he was confronted by the President.

“What else did that woman ask you to do?”

“No… nothing else…”

“Still not talking, are we? You know I can make everyone in the Xia family a traitor to the country, right? You better consider your options. To keep the pride of your family, or have them spend the rest of their lives in prison with you.”

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