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Chapter 1204: Too Lonely

Huo Yunshen put on a smile. He held Xu Xiyan’s hand, walked to the table and took a seat.

Figuring out the boy’s name, Ye Xun asked, “Dingding, do you know who I am?”


He pointed at Jun Yan and asked again, “And him?”


Oh my god!

After a while, they realized that Dingding was a robot created by Qi Zhengming, who could only say “dad.”

Qi Zhengming probably felt too lonely here. Therefore he created a robot son.

After lunch, Xu Xiyan stayed with her brothers and Dingding, while Huo Yunshen went to talk to his master.

Inside the cottage, Qi Zhengming finally dropped the pen. He nodded satisfyingly at the newly finished drawing.

Then Huo Yunshen came in and placed his lunch on the table. “Uncle Ming, time for lunch.”


Qi Zhengming put down the drawing and started eating.

Huo Yunshen helped him clean up the drawings in the room while he had his lunch.

The room was almost done, and Qi Zhengming was halfway through his lunch. Then he turned to Huo Yunshen and asked, “What brought you here?”

They had agreed that he would never come to him. In the case of any urgent matter, Qi Zhengming would come for him.

“Uncle Ming, it was my father’s last wish for me to come to you.”

Huo Yunshen told the reason.

Upon hearing that the old man stopped eating and put down the bowl. “What happened to your father?”

“He’s already passed away.”

Huo Yunshen seemed extremely pained when saying this and pushed his forehead against his hands. “My father, mother and grandfather… they were all killed by Long Xiao… It was my fault.”

“Gosh…” Qi Zhengming felt shocked. He patted Huo Yunshen on his shoulder and said, “My condolences, Yunshen.”

After a long silence, Qi Zhengming tried to ask, “Did your father tell you anything before he died?”

“No. They died in an explosion. It was sudden and he never had a chance to say his last words.”

Huo Yunshen then realized something and took out a red silk pouch. “But when I was collecting their things I found this. Uncle Ming, do you recognize this?”

Qi Zhengming’s pupils constricted upon the sight of the red silk pouch. He knew it was the thing he had handed to Huo Zhen when he entrusted the orphan to his friend.

It was the imperial jade seal of the Dragon Kingdom, as well as the gem to restore their kingdom.

Seeing this again Qi Zhengming could not help being sensational. He opened the pouch and held the jade seal in his hand.

He could almost see their former king, Long Rui, sealing the documents again. It was like it was onlyyesterday.

Qi Zhengming held the jade seal while recalling the past, and he burst into tears.

“Uncle Ming, are you OK?”

Huo Yunshen had no idea what this piece of jade meant to his master. He had never heard his father mention anything about it.

“No worries. I’m just too excited to see this.”

Qi Zhengming blinked in tears.

“What is it?” Huo

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