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Chapter 1196: Mastering the Opportunity

“Let’s go!” He led his men away.

When Helian Chen and his men left, Ouyang Feifei came out and asked with deep concern, “Mr. Jun, are you OK?”

“I’m fine.”

“Your hand is bleeding.”

Ouyang Feifei saw the cut on Jun Yan’s hand and cried, “Let me take you to the hospital!”

“No need.”

Xu Xiyan would only need a bandage over the cut. She hid her hand behind and did not want to blow her disguise.

“No way! It’s bleeding. It’ll be worse if it gets infected.”

Ouyang Feifei saw the cut as a huge wound. It could be life-threatening.

Last time she had a tiny cut on her finger, her mother forced her to stay in the hospital for a week!

Xu Xiyan found the prissy Ouyang Feifei somewhat cute. Her father was the Secretary of State. But she was not putting on any airs.

“I’ll take care of it.”

In order to stop her from further crying, Xu Xiyan went to the car and put a bandage over the cut. “Now we are fine. No more bleeding.”

“Good, good.”

Ouyang Feifei was relieved. She was obsessed with him. How courageous and handsome he was when he defeated those people just now.

After the episode, Xu Xiyan said, “Now, Miss Ouyang, are’t we here for the claim?”

“Oh, there’s no need to hurry about that. You just saved my life. Let me buy you lunch!”


Leaving him no time for hesitation, Ouyang Feifei pushed him toward the car. “That’s your car, right? Get in! You got hurt. I’ll drive.”

Xu Xiyan was speechless. It was just a minor cut.

Ouyang Feifei had already sat in the driver’s seat. So Xu Xiyan had to sit next to her. Seeing her starting the car, she asked, “Miss Ouyang, where are we going now?”

“You’ll know when we get there.”

The young lady drove pretty well. She raced back to the Guangming Residence of the Secretary of State.

Xu Xiyan was shocked upon the sight of the dazzling golden title of “Guangming Residence.” Did she just take me home?

They parked outside. Xu Xiyan looked at the grand mansion and asked, “Miss Ouyang, this is your home, right? Why did you bring me here?”

“You saved my life. I have to take you home and let my dad and mom show some appreciation!”

“There’s no need. It was indeed no big deal.”

Er… but how did she save my life?

But since Ouyang Feifei already took her home, she could take the opportunity to meet Lady Camellia.

Ouyang Feifei got out of the car and entered the mansion, and so did Xu Xiyan.

Xu Xiyan took a closer look at the mansion along their way to the main hall. A middle-aged man and a charming woman were sitting on a European style couch.

Since the middle-aged man was Ouyang Qing, the Secretary of State, the woman by his side must be his wife Ren Meixin, namely Lady Camellia.

“Dad, mom, I’m back.”

They turned to them upon hearing her voice.

Ren Meixin beckoned her daughter to come closer and asked, “Feifei, is everything settled? Do you need mom to have so

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