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Chapter 1214: It Was Indeed Abrupt

Unfortunately, he pissed off his father even further. Helian Wei pounded on the table and yelled, “Nonsense! How could you have been the chief commander of the armies? Hand me the picture! Right now!”

“Who the hell is in that picture? Why are you so pissed off?”

Helian Qingyu had not had time to take a glance at the picture until now.

What the…

What was going on today?

Were his father and mother thinking of the same person?

“Isn’t this Jing Xi’s mother, the former world-renowned violinist? Father, did you like her too?”

Helian Wei: “…”

Helian Qingyu winked and handed him the picture. “Take it easy. I won’t tell anyone!”

Helian Wei grabbed back the picture and locked it in the drawer.

He raised his head and warned his son, “General Helian Qingyu! You are not allowed to enter the white chamber without my permission ever again!”

“Yes, Mr. President!”

Helian Qingyu gave him a salute.

Recalling that he was indeed being abrupt just now, he took out a few more pictures in order to ease his father’s anger.

“Ta-Dah! My dear father, I was indeed being rude just now. Take these as my apology, please.”

Helian Qingyu presented the pictures. Helian Wei was surprised to see all those photos of Jing Ruyue.

After quite a while he asked, “You… How did you get these photos? And what are you going to do with them?”

Helian Qingyu could vaguely guess what was going on. His father treasured Jing Ruyue’s photos while his mother was cutting them. There could be only one reason.

His father liked Jing Ruyue. And his mother was jealous.

How could they still play such games at their age?

Helian Qingyu was sensible enough not to give his father a hard time. He answered, “I happened to find them and was about to give them to Jing Xi. If you’d like, father, take them. Otherwise…”

Before Helian Qingyu could take back the pictures, Helian Wei had already opened the drawer again and locked them inside too. Meanwhile, he tried to change the topic. “What are you doing here?”

Helian Qingyu pulled out the chair, sat down and said, “Father, I’m getting engaged to Lan Ling-Er.”

Helian Wei slightly frowned and asked, “Are you sure?”

Helian Wei was the victim of a dreadful marriage. He did not want his son to go through it again. It would only make his life miserable.

“Yes, that’s the plan.”

Helian Qingyu came closer to his father and told him about his plan with Huo Yunshen to save Jing Xi’s mother.

Helian Wei seemed frozen upon hearing his words.

What did he just hear?

Did his son say that Jing Xi’s mother was in Lstan?

Jing Ruyue was still alive!

Was she?

“Are you sure? Is she still alive?”

“Absolutely sure. Jing Xi saw her in Lstan earlier on.”

It was such a shock. When he came back to himself he started rambling. “Can I… I mean… Shall I… No, no… Right now, get Huo Yunshen here… We need to talk in person.”

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