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Chapter 1188: How Could He Do That To Her!?

She was his own sister. How could he always be on Ye Xun’s side?

How did Ye Xun buy him over his own sister?

“You heard the boss. Now come with me!”

Ye Xun was excited secretly, but still tried to pretend to be calm.

Huo Sanyan was so reluctant and got hold of Ying Bao to try her luck. “No worries. I promise I won’t be in your way. I can stay with my dear nephew as long as you let me stay here.”

She also said to Ying Bao, “Sweetheart, do you want auntie to stay with you?”

Ying Bao was such a smart girl. She had seen uncle Ye’s wink earlier on and curled her lips to pretend to be sad.

“Auntie Three-Eyes, I do want you to stay. But I can’t! I promised Brother Feimo that I could not sleep with anyone else. So I guess you have to go with Uncle Tree-Leaf. You are adults. You can sleep together.”


Huo Sanyan almost passed out upon hearing this.

My God! Even my dear niece was bought off!

Since the three of them were not giving her a chance, Huo Sanyan felt so sad and regrettful for having come to Estan with them.

It seemed that she had to go with Ye Xun for the time being, and seek out a chance to sneak back to Peijing later.

Ye Xun had bought a seaside villa with a garden and private beach. It was only two or three miles away from Huo Yunshen’s place.

Huo Sanyan had no expectations before coming here. But when they arrived she was amazed by the charming villa.

It was classic and delicate, as romantic as her dream home.

Some servants opened the gate and Ye Xun escorted her in. “How do you like it?”

Huo Sanyan indeed liked it. But she refused to admit it. “Not the worst.”

Ye Xun felt relieved. He was already grateful as long as she could come.

When they entered the villa, Ni Xuelin stood behind them and wondered if she was no longer needed here.

With her sister-in-law’s presence, she felt like a third wheel now.

She did not like it, and decided to move out once she found a job.

It must be better for her to live by herself, especially when she wanted to see Qi Fang.

She had never told her brother about Qi Fang. She would not dare to.

When they were settled, Huo Yunshen and Xu Xiyan started to look for a kindergarten. Ying Bao needed to continue school here.

They picked a well-known kindergarten downtown and got her registered.

Ying Bao would be back to school in three days.

In Lstan.

The emperor was in his study in the Palace Fillieres on Central Island.

Mo Yutian sat behind his huge quadrant desk and asked, “What is Huo Yunshen up to lately?”

Lei De reported, “We found that after he settled his business in Peijing, Huo Yunshen took his daughter to stay in Estan. He seems to be in touch with the president of Estan.”

“I see. Keep watching him.”

“Yes. Your Majesty.”

“And also, give out my order to heighten our military alert.”

Mo Yutian was afraid that Huo Yunshen w

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