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Chapter 1160: Nothing Strange

As for when he could claim their relationship, he did not dare to tell the truth abruptly to disrupt his daughter’s life.

He was more worried that it would bring her into trouble. He did not want her to be called illegitimate. It would harm her fame instead of his.

If she was harmed because of him, what could he tell his Xiao Yueliang?

Helian Wei was about to ask Huo Yunshen about their further plans in Lstan, but found it inappropriate with Lan Ling-Er’s presence.

When the banquet was about to start, a woman’s voice was heard from outside.

“Are our distinguished guests here?”

Following the voice, people saw the elegant Yun Xuerou proceeding gracefully inside.

“Mother!” Helian Qingyu stood up and made a seat for his mother.

Yun Xuerou came to sit down by Helian Wei. She looked around at everyone and was surprised by the sight of Huo Yunshen. “Isn’t this Mr. Huo?”

“Yes. Mrs. President,” Huo Yunshen answered.

Yun Xuerou found Huo Yunshen but not Jing Xi, and asked deliberately, “Where is Mrs. Huo?”

Huo Yunshen pretended to be sad and answered, “She was occupied and could not join me here.”


What the hell? She was obviously in Lstan and already married to her nephew Long Xiao. Huo Yunshen was merely making awkward excuses.

Yun Xuerou found it so cheerful to know that the bitch was forever trapped in Lstan now.

But she had to pretend to feel bad about it. “What a pity. When Mrs. Huo is available in the future, Mr. Huo, please do bring her here again.”

“Thank you, Mrs. President.”

While Huo Yunshen thanked her, Yun Xuerou nodded and noticed another young man by his side. “Who is this…”

“My assistant Jun Yan.”

Huo Yunshen briefly explained while Xu Xiyan stood up and bowed, “Mrs. President.”

“Please be seated.”

Yun Xuerou found nothing strange and waved to let the assistant sit down.

Then she turned to Lan Ling-Er. “There you are Miss Lan.”

Lan Ling-Er was excited to see her future mother-in-law and stood up to bow. “Mrs. President.”

“Well, well, well, since everyone is here, let’s start!”

Yun Xuerou ordered that the banquet be launched, as the hostess.

Delicate cuisines were severed in a short while. Helian Wei called the guests to start, “We have prepared a humble dinner for our distinguished guests. Hope you will enjoy it.”

“It’s so kind of you, Mr. President.”

The men started speaking in a bureaucratic tone. It was already weird enough to have Lan Ling-Er here, and now even worse with Yun Xuerou.

They talked about nothing important over the dinner, while Yun Xuerou and Lan Ling-Er were engaged in their heated conversation over the weather and fashion.

Yun Xuerou already assumed that Lan Ling-Er was her future daughter-in-law. Her assumption was further confirm when she saw her coming back with her son, plus the scandals of the two lately.

She even proposed to schedule their wedding. “Heli

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