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Chapter 1147: I Want Her So Much!

A lot of people did not get enough rest from preparing for the emperor’s wedding.

Servents kept going in and out from Xu Xiyan’s room, presenting her with various dresses and accessories to choose from.

Yet, Xu Xiyan had no interest in those things as she sat by the window staring at the moon, thinking about her husband and daughter.

She was wondering what her husband was doing at that moment.

Is he staring at the moon like I am? And Ying Bao too… She must miss her mother so much…

She scolded herself for not being good at swimming, or else if she was, she would’ve swum back to Peijing.

But even if she really was good at swimming, her condition prevented her from doing so.

She placed her hand on her belly and asked her unborn babies, “What should I do?”

How can I get them out of here safely? Are they really doomed?

Xu Xiyan was too busy thinking of options, and she did not notice Mo Yutian coming in.

Mo Yutian had just finished working and come back. The servants were bowing to him when he signaled them to leave him alone.

He raised his head and looked at Jing Xi before walking slowly to her back and hugging her from behind.

The hug woke Xu Xiyan from her thought, not even giving her enough time to wipe the tears off her face.

“Don’t!” Xu Xiyan frowned as she turned to push Mo Yutian away.

She could smell the alcohol coming from Mo Yutian’s breath.

It seemed to Xu Xiyan that he was drunk.

“Jing Xi…” Mo Yutian mumbled as he pushed Xu Xiyan back, trying to kiss her.

He had been holding it in for very long, and he wanted her very much.

Xu Xiyan quickly averted her head, and Mo Yutian’s lips kissed her neck. The touch was so chilly that it sent a shiver down Xu Xiyan’s spine.

She pushed Mo Yutian away and slapped him.

“What are you doing?” Xu Xiyan scolded.

“What’s wrong with wanting to kiss my wife?” Mo Yutian asked, feeling a little better from the slap.

“It seems like you’ve forgotten that I’m still Huo Yunshen’s wife by law.”

“By Zstan’s law. This is Lstan, and I’m the law here,” Mo Yutian said and closed in on Xu Xiyan once again.

Since Xu Xiyan was pregnant, she could not fight like she always did and was cornered by Mo Yutian.

There was only one thing that Mo Yutian could think of at that moment, and that was feasting on the girl in front of him.

As Mo Yutian inched closer towards Xu Xiyan, the fear in her heart rose.

There was nothing she could do if Mo Yutian forced his way with her.

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