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Chapter 1178: How Could He Not Spoil His Wife!

They thought it through. Li Ruochu had been quiet and peaceful lately and made them assume that she would not run away again.

The only person she had met with lately was Jing Xi, who came yesterday afternoon. She had Helian Qingyu’s special permission to come at any time. Therefore no one was paying particular attention when she came and left.

The maid was straightforward. “General, could it be Miss Jing Xi? She visited Miss Li yesterday afternoon and they had a lengthy talk.”

Helian Qingyu wondered if it could be Jing Xi who took Li Ruochu away.

He supposed the answer would be no.

He heard that she and Huo Yunshen had already left for Zstan yesterday. They should have returned to Peijing by now.

He asked for the surveillance video and watched the recording during Jing Xi’s visit. It looked just as usual.

Except for an hourly worker who appeared to be suspicious at the end of the recording.

Helian Qingyu asked, “What is this person doing here?”

The butler explained, “That is the hourly worker who comes every day to do cleaning and leaves in the afternoon.”

Helian Qingyu did not ask anything further about that person. But he made a call to Huo Yunshen to ask if Jing Xi had any idea about where Li Ruochu could be.

The couple were back to Peiing and arrived at Shengshi Yujing. Li Ruochu was sitting right next to Xu Xiyan.

Picking up the phone, Huo Yunshen took a glance at the two women on the couch and helped them cover the lie, “I have no idea. Jing Xi is here. Would you like to talk to her?”

Huo Yunshen had only gotten to know this after they got aboard. It took him a long while to comprehend what had happened.

Since Xu Xiyan was determined to help Li Ruochu, he had to help her cover this. How could he not spoil his wife!

Huo Yunshen handed the phone to his wife. “It’s Helian Qingyu.”

Upon hearing the name of Helian Qingyu, Li Ruochu was startled and got hold of a cushion. She shook her head violently and begged them to keep the secret.

Xu Xiyan took the phone, recognized the voice and answered very calmly, “No, I have no idea. She was perfectly fine when I saw her yesterday. You should try searching harder.”

Upon hanging up, Xu Xiyan grinned at Li Ruochu and said, “If only the General knew I had brought you here, he would definitely come and kill me. You see, I told you how much he cares about you. You just wouldn’t believe it.”

If Helian Qingyu did not care about Li Ruochu, how could he be so worried now?

Helian Qingyu trusted this couple and believed that Li Ruochu was probably still in Estan. He ordered, “Go searching harder and find her no matter what!”

He was certain that a pregnant woman could never run far.

In Peijing.

Xu Xiyan was finally back to Peijing. Nothing seemed to have changed. Yet everything seemed different.

The tragedy of the Huo family and the news of Jing Xi’s going missin

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