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Chapter 1165: Putting Salt In His Wound

How dare she cheat on me! Helian Qingyu scolded in his head as anger could clearly be seen on his face.

He was so furious that he wanted to rip Li Ruochu into pieces.

He grabbed Li Ruochu by her neck and scolded, “Didn’t I warn you not to betray me? And yet you dare to cheat on me?”

But Li Ruochu had given up on explaining to Helian Qingyu and would rather put salt in his wound instead.

“What’s done is done,” Li Ruochu replied. “Is there any reason for you to still keep me by your side? A woman that has cheated on you? There might be a second time and a third time…”

“Woman! Do you want to die?” Helian Qingyu shouted as his grip tightened. “Do you know what I always do to betrayers? Don’t worry, I won’t kill you, but I’ll get rid of the bastard inside your belly and keep you by my side forever!”


Li Ruochu could feel herself suffocating, and she had given up on looking for help or even struggling. It wasn’t until Helian Qingyu threw her to the floor that she was finally able to breathe again.

She gasped for air, and with every gasp, she could feel the pain in her belly.

She was really hurt when she heard Helian Qingyu say that he would get rid of the baby, but she had completely given up on persuading him.

If that’s what he wants, then so be it! Li Ruochu thought.

Li Ruochu had already made up her mind to leave once the baby was out from her body.

Helian Qingyu left to get Gu Yici, the best doctor in all of Lstan, who was tasked with tending to Li Ruochu if she was sick, to check on her body.

“General, congratulations, you’re about to become a dad,” Gu Yici smiled.

But those words were like thorns pricking Helian Qingyu’s heart.

“Shut up!” Helian Qingyu scolded back. “I don’t care what you have to do, but get that baby out from her!”

“Wait, is the child not yours?” Gu Yici asked, unable to believe that another man would dare to touch the General’s woman.

Helian Qingyu did not reply, but his face was giving Gu Yici his answer.

Gu Yici suddenly realized the seriousness of the situation. If the child was indeed not Helian Qingyu’s, then there was no way that he would keep the baby.

“But General, I’ve already done a check-up on Miss Li,” Gu Yici explained. “It’s already a miracle that she could get pregnant, because her uterus wall is very thin. If we perform the abortion surgery, she might not be able to get pregnant in the future.”

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