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Chapter 1170: Meet The Rival

She recalled that when she had called Li Ruochu, it was not in service. Could it be because she was hospitalized?

In order to figure out what happened to Li Ruochu, Xu Xiyan followed Lan Ling-Er to maternity ward No. 7.

Lan Ling-Er opened the door and went in. Xu Xiyan peeped through the window and saw Li Ruochu lying on the bed. She could see half of her face.

She was indeed in the hospital!

Instead of going in, Xu Xiyan stayed outside and wanted to know what Lan Ling-Er was here for.

Inside the ward, Li Ruochu heard some noise and turned to see a charming woman at her door.

It was Lan Ling-Er!

What was she doing here?

Lan Ling-Er stared at the pale woman on the bed and sneered, “I’ve been wondering who that woman could be. How could she be someone like you?”

Upon these words, both knew that she was not here to do her good.

Li Ruochu paid barely any attention to her but asked, “What brings Miss Lan here?”

“What brings me here? I think you should know that I am officially the General’s girlfriend now. And you are merely some insignificant affair. If you are clever enough, you should leave him right away. Don’t push me to do anything bad to you.”

Lan Ling-Er had found out that the woman Helian Qingyu cared about was Li Ruochu, and that she was in the hospital. Therefore she came to the Top Military District Hospital as the official girlfriend of Helian Qingyu, just to meet her rival.

Some insignificant affair… It did break Li Ruochu’s heart again.

Instead of being intimidated, she replied calmly, “It’s not me clinging onto him, but rather him not letting me go. Miss Lan should have gone to Helian Qingyu rather than talking to me now. If you can convince him, he would probably let me go.”

Lan Ling-Er seemed to have heard a big joke, “Haha … don’t try to fool me. You think I don’t know that you are trying to hold him by being pregnant? If it was not for you making this threatened abortion, how would he care the least about you?”

Lan Ling-Er assumed Li Ruochu was a very scheming woman. Otherwise, how could she have won Helian Qingyu’s attention?

Only then did Xu Xiyan realize what was going on. So was she pregnant with Helian Qingyu’s baby and had a threatened abortion?

Li Ruochu did not answer. Only she and Helian Qingyu knew the exact reason for her threatened abortion. As for what the others thought about, she couldn’t care less.

Lan Ling-Er was deliberately making a scene here. She would never believe it even if Li Ruochu gave an explanation.

Li Ruochu’s silence made Lan Ling-Er more firm about her speculation.

She looked down on her mockingly and said, “I’ve investigated you. Your lover is Bai Yanchuan, isn’t it? He is namely your brother, but you’ve been together for a long while. Now you are conceiving his baby yet trying to blame it on the General. Do you think you can even marry Helian Qingyu with that bastard? How dare you!

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